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bsoco lets you obtain current, precise and objective information about software on the market in comparison with other software packages (ERP, Accounting, HR, Business Intelligence, E-learning ...). The innovative bsoco community website questions users about software performance. Their responses are used to establish an index score. Each software application is evaluated according to 4 criteria (performance, usability, reliability and services).


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As a member, you can freely access the fact sheets of each application and thus benefit from the exhaustive study of software in our database. You will find software rankings in comparison with other market solutions, in addition to critical user reviews.
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  • Opinion of 24/08/2015 about the software : phpList « One-way email announcement delivery system... »
  • Opinion of 23/08/2015 about the software : Bizx SuccessFactors « We chose SF and not their competitors, because they worked with us to help us identify the most effective approaches. So we were v... »
  • Opinion of 23/08/2015 about the software : SD Worx « Too much french... »
  • Opinion of 22/08/2015 about the software : Money S3 « Very good management of version upgrades, everything is perfectly recovered... »
  • Opinion of 10/08/2015 about the software : iHR « Stable.... »
  • Opinion of 08/08/2015 about the software : InesCRM « We get faster access to information... »
  • Opinion of 04/08/2015 about the software : SalesForce « Ease of implementation... »
  • Opinion of 04/08/2015 about the software : Ascentis HR « Very easy to handle it and very good ergonomy.... »
  • Opinion of 03/08/2015 about the software : JNetPublish « It is very easy to use... »
  • Opinion of 03/08/2015 about the software : MS Dynamics CRM « Real-time and scalable CRM... »
  • Opinion of 02/08/2015 about the software : E-DEAL « I appreciate this ergonomic solution... »
  • Opinion of 02/08/2015 about the software : SmartFocus Email « High rate of delivery... »
  • Opinion of 31/07/2015 about the software : AbsorbLMS « User Interface available in many languages... »
  • Opinion of 29/07/2015 about the software : Ciel Comptabilité « Very practical as it was able to adapt to my needs... »
  • Opinion of 29/07/2015 about the software : Camtasia « There is real video editing... »
  • Opinion of 28/07/2015 about the software : Drupal « It integrates more things than Joomla... »
  • Opinion of 28/07/2015 about the software : Mamut Enterprise « Affordable for even the smallest business... »
  • Opinion of 26/07/2015 about the software : SugarCRM « The real time tracking allowed us to make critical decisions based on current information... »
  • Opinion of 26/07/2015 about the software : iemailer « Technologically, it is a good product.... »
  • Opinion of 22/07/2015 about the software : Power E-Mailer « Ideal for the management of newsletter... »
  • Opinion of 22/07/2015 about the software : Knowledge Place « The use of Web 2.0 is well thought... »
  • Opinion of 21/07/2015 about the software : JNetPublish « Strong, rapid and secure... »
  • Opinion of 21/07/2015 about the software : Youmanage « A tool that really understands the HR issues... »
  • Opinion of 19/07/2015 about the software : MZDY « Very good service... »
  • Opinion of 19/07/2015 about the software : Bizx SuccessFactors « Integration between this product and other enterprise level software is vague.... »

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Once you vote for the 1st time, you become a member of the bsoco community and can compare your point of view with those of other members. The bsoco software comparison tool will answer your questions and help you formulate an opinion of software in areas such as:



A free software comparison tool

The free bsoco software directory and comparison tool is useful not only for buyers looking for the best IT solutions but also for publishers and retailers selling applications.

The bsoco website also serves as a directory of major consultants in various fields (ERP, HRIS, CRM, e-mailing, CMS, E-Commerce, e-learning).

The bsoco website provides a comprehensive tool for evaluating and selecting software based on a community of qualified users.

You can take advantage of this wealth of experience, vote yourself, or consult our software directory (ERP, Accounting, HR, Business Intelligence, e-learning).

Interview of the week

This week, interview with Stephan Pineau, Founder and CEO from Training Orchestra.

« Starting the company in 2001, Stephan has led the continuous growth of Training Orchestra making it the leader in Training Management Software for training departments, corporate universities and training providers. With many notable experiences in the implementation of Training Management Software for Fortune Global 500, medium-size companies and training providers , Stephan offers a solution that allows to streamline ILT logistics, track certifications and legal constraints, consolidate budgets, increase yield management, automate invoicing and customize reporting. »

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The latest increases CTC ComptaW + 1.1 %
SD Worx + 10.5 %
Analyza + 1.7 %
The latest decreases Articulate Storyline -0.8 %
Mail For You -11.3 %
HRsmart Unified Talent Management -4.6 %


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