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bsoco lets you obtain current, precise and objective information about software on the market in comparison with other software packages (ERP, Accounting, HR, Business Intelligence, E-learning ...). The innovative bsoco community website questions users about software performance. Their responses are used to establish an index score. Each software application is evaluated according to 4 criteria (performance, usability, reliability and services).


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As a member, you can freely access the fact sheets of each application and thus benefit from the exhaustive study of software in our database. You will find software rankings in comparison with other market solutions, in addition to critical user reviews.
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  • Opinion of 15/01/2017 about the software : Talentsoft Recruiting « Multilingual application... »
  • Opinion of 15/01/2017 about the software : OneAragon « Simple but no payroll features... »
  • Opinion of 09/01/2017 about the software : AccessplanIT « Very good reporting solution... »
  • Opinion of 07/01/2017 about the software : mycvtheque « Facility to query the database remotely from home... »
  • Opinion of 07/01/2017 about the software : SAP Business One CRM « E-commerce functionnality's are quality and effective.... »
  • Opinion of 04/01/2017 about the software : Raptivity « Creating dynamic Flash content... »
  • Opinion of 04/01/2017 about the software : AccessplanIT « Perfect for the pedagogical efficiency... »
  • Opinion of 04/01/2017 about the software : Xyleme « This software I would recommend for every company that faces the situation in which they need to educate a lot of people all over ... »
  • Opinion of 03/01/2017 about the software : Mohive « The ability to generate hard copy, it allows us to produce training materials in our blended devices ... »
  • Opinion of 03/01/2017 about the software : Articulate Studio 13 « With Articulate the flash is produced easily and it's a real pleasure... »
  • Opinion of 27/12/2016 about the software : Talentsoft Performance & Competencies « A simple and rapid solution... »
  • Opinion of 21/12/2016 about the software : Emailing Pro « The perfect fit for functionality and price... »
  • Opinion of 21/12/2016 about the software : AccessplanIT « Easy to use... »
  • Opinion of 19/12/2016 about the software : Jobpartners ActiveRecruiter « Automates the entire recruitment process... »
  • Opinion of 19/12/2016 about the software : Myhrtoolkit « Economic and efficient solution for midsize companies.... »
  • Opinion of 17/12/2016 about the software : Sage Comptabilité « Follow up of clients and suppliers accounts/ Tracking of accounts receivable and payable... »
  • Opinion of 17/12/2016 about the software : Comunion ERP « This is an ideal solution for our company of 80 employees.... »
  • Opinion of 16/12/2016 about the software : Claro « Easy to use... »
  • Opinion of 14/12/2016 about the software : NetSkills « A simple solution... »
  • Opinion of 14/12/2016 about the software : SD Worx « Too much french... »
  • Opinion of 12/12/2016 about the software : Money S3 « Simple and easy functionalities... »
  • Opinion of 12/12/2016 about the software : VisionCore « This is the first time we've really been able to get exactly what we wanted in an accounting program and in addition the implement... »
  • Opinion of 11/12/2016 about the software : CourseMill LMS « Very easy to use... »
  • Opinion of 11/12/2016 about the software : MOS Solo « We can work with the goals and create learning paths which are very advanced... »
  • Opinion of 07/12/2016 about the software : Oncontact CRM « The software does not exist in Spanish, we are obliged to use English throughout society.... »

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A free software comparison tool

The free bsoco software directory and comparison tool is useful not only for buyers looking for the best IT solutions but also for publishers and retailers selling applications.

The bsoco website also serves as a directory of major consultants in various fields (ERP, HRIS, CRM, e-mailing, CMS, E-Commerce, e-learning).

The bsoco website provides a comprehensive tool for evaluating and selecting software based on a community of qualified users.

You can take advantage of this wealth of experience, vote yourself, or consult our software directory (ERP, Accounting, HR, Business Intelligence, e-learning).

Interview of the week

This week, interview with Kai Krämer, a Senior consultant from Genius Project.

« Kai Krämer is a Senior consultant at Genius Project. With extensive experience in the Project Management field, Kai Krämer helps organizations maximize the use of PPM software. He assists his clients from the implementation phase and stays on as an advisor to the company during the whole utilization of the PPM software. »

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The latest increases CAE Verxact learning manager LMS + 41 %
Talentsoft LMS + 0.6 %
FileFinder Anywhere + 8.9 %
The latest decreases Inser Recrutement -5 %
OneAragon -5.6 %
Bamboohr -11.2 %


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