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bsoco lets you obtain current, precise and objective information about software on the market in comparison with other software packages (ERP, Accounting, HR, Business Intelligence, E-learning ...). The innovative bsoco community website questions users about software performance. Their responses are used to establish an index score. Each software application is evaluated according to 4 criteria (performance, usability, reliability and services).


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As a member, you can freely access the fact sheets of each application and thus benefit from the exhaustive study of software in our database. You will find software rankings in comparison with other market solutions, in addition to critical user reviews.
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  • Opinion of 25/09/2016 about the software : EBP Paye « Prints Assedic certificates, for illness and for work accidents... »
  • Opinion of 24/09/2016 about the software : SmartBuilder « Navigation and interfaces that one can create are extremely performant... »
  • Opinion of 21/09/2016 about the software : Izimailing « Sending of messages, newsletters, without going through the ISP... »
  • Opinion of 21/09/2016 about the software : Salesboom CRM « An effective CRM for mid-sized businesses.... »
  • Opinion of 18/09/2016 about the software : 360Learning LMS « Interface has it challenges... »
  • Opinion of 12/09/2016 about the software : Deacom « Powerful... »
  • Opinion of 12/09/2016 about the software : PurchaseControl « User friendly... »
  • Opinion of 07/09/2016 about the software : Adobe Presenter 11 « There are a lot of exercises... »
  • Opinion of 07/09/2016 about the software : CheetahMail « Very high level of software and it is the same for services.... »
  • Opinion of 06/09/2016 about the software : Moodle « I found several providers who knew the application... »
  • Opinion of 06/09/2016 about the software : SendBlaster « The ability to analyze with Google Analytics is a plus.... »
  • Opinion of 05/09/2016 about the software : QuickerSite « Really nice to have a hot-line on a CMS. It's so rare.... »
  • Opinion of 05/09/2016 about the software : Prospera « Easy implementation.... »
  • Opinion of 04/09/2016 about the software : HumanSourcing « Acceleration and optimization of the recruitment process... »
  • Opinion of 04/09/2016 about the software : CheckPoint HR « I like how they support the collaboration of managers.... »
  • Opinion of 03/09/2016 about the software : ERP5 « You can implement an ERP at a lower cost... »
  • Opinion of 03/09/2016 about the software : Optimum Payroll Software « A lot of standard report... »
  • Opinion of 02/09/2016 about the software : Matrix LMS « A LEarning MAnagement System that has matured into one of the most innovative solutions on the market... coupled with the companie... »
  • Opinion of 00/09/2016 about the software : Syfadis Suite « The editor really listens to his community of users even if all needs are not covered... »
  • Opinion of 00/09/2016 about the software : SAP Enterprise Learning LMS « The training portal is directly available on the Intranet... »
  • Opinion of 00/09/2016 about the software : Inser Recrutement « Greater involvement of managers and employees in their desire to change positions... »
  • Opinion of 00/09/2016 about the software : Staff Files « Very good value for money. It is very complete tool for medium-sized enterprises.... »
  • Opinion of 29/08/2016 about the software : SimpleHR « Very convenient summary sheet.... »
  • Opinion of 28/08/2016 about the software : Foederis Compétences « Specific management of competences... »
  • Opinion of 28/08/2016 about the software : Fedena « Base part free and Open Source. Best UI/UX. Optimised for any type of educational institute, in short optimised for customisation.... »

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A free software comparison tool

The free bsoco software directory and comparison tool is useful not only for buyers looking for the best IT solutions but also for publishers and retailers selling applications.

The bsoco website also serves as a directory of major consultants in various fields (ERP, HRIS, CRM, e-mailing, CMS, E-Commerce, e-learning).

The bsoco website provides a comprehensive tool for evaluating and selecting software based on a community of qualified users.

You can take advantage of this wealth of experience, vote yourself, or consult our software directory (ERP, Accounting, HR, Business Intelligence, e-learning).

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This week, interview with Graham Glass, CEO and Founder from CYPHER LEARNING.

« Graham is the CEO and Founder of CYPHER LEARNING, a company that provides two learning management systems for organizations around the world. CYPHER LEARNING products are used by over 20,000 organizations, have millions of users, and have won several awards. »

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