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6 reasons why everybody loves administrators

Today marks the final day of Administrative Professionals Week, the week that celebrates all office professionals for the hard work and tremendous effort that they put in to support their organisations. We asked the social media community ‘what are you most thankful to your administrators for?’. Here is a roundup of the top 6…

“Next to excellence is the appreciation of it” said William Makepeace, which is exactly the point of Administrative Professionals Week. Here is a great article providing 28 quotes that show appreciation for administrative professionals.

The top 6 reasons why everybody loves administrators 

1. “Mainly the motivation they provide to the staff in order to get the accomplishment of goals.”

2. “They make sure that things get done on time!! (And saved my skin more than once).”

3. “Their loyalty is second to no other profession."

4. "The energy, commitment, attention to detail and upbeat, can-do attitude."

5. “He is more organised than our stationary cupboard...and that’s organised!”

6. “The most helpful, willing and caring people in our entire organisation.”


Being an administrative professional has its ups and downs and can have plenty of challenges such as manually inputting data, time consuming tasks and the risk of missing one of the many points on the to-do list.  This is where a training management system comes in. The use of training management software can greatly increase automation, freeing up much of an administrators time to focus on other activities; download our free ’10 ways to automate’ whitepaper to find out more.