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How prepared are your delegates?

We all know that the secret of a good training session is preparation.  A professional trainer will leave nothing to chance.  The subject will be familiar, the presentation honed and the delivery unquestionable.  But what about the delegates?

Well prepared delegates will enter the session highly motivated even excited about the opportunity to learn, share experiences and participate.  It’s all about frame of mind and that’s where an automated training management system can support the quality of training delivery.  To find out how join us on Thursday 22nd  January at 11.30 for a short 30 minute webinar.


For example, for some delegates receiving a session outline from the trainer shortly before the course date may help to overcome any anxiety .  You may even consider a precourse short questionnaire to use as an icebreaker.  The results can be used to personalise course content and even correlated against post course evaluation to dive deeper into expectations against results.

All course communication, the look, the design, the tone of voice will say something about your organisation.  Make it count, make it relevant, make it inviting and make it timely.  This is where task assignment using a learning management system to automate can reap rewards.  These are just some of the areas Kayleigh will cover in our short webinar on Thursday 22nd.