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LMS or CRM: Which system is right for you?

Expanding a training business without the help of technology or software can be almost impossible.  Competition is fierce and the internet provides fast access for prospective clients to conduct initial research for a suitable supplier, make enquiries, and in many cases make the booking.  Contact data is your lifeblood to new and repeat business. 

Every existing customer, contact or enquiry is potential business and as such should be recorded accurately and referenced in such a way that details can be recovered and accessed easily to promote services to suit their individual needs.

Here’s how it works in practice…

Your CRM will help you record client information, track leads and prospects and store information against individuals and companies.  All contacts, whether initiating from an enquiry or say from a meeting at an exhibition or conference, can be logged together with full details of their business and future potential recorded.  Reminders to make future contact can then be scheduled and automated.

So is a CRM the ideal tool for training?

Without doubt a CRM is powerful and a necessary tool to manage relationships and expand business.  The downside is that a CRM operates very differently to a learning management system or training management software.  A CRM is great for managing pipelines and enquiries and capturing all relevant information,  but a learning management system is the perfect tool for course booking and managing the administration and communication required for course administration.

Don’t compromise....

The good news is that you can have both.  Most powerful LMS software has a built in CRM so it's worth researching your options. For a full explanation of the key differences between the two systems, and a guide on how to determine the right functionality to suit your business needs, download our Training Management System v CRM whitepaper.