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Training promotion: 5 email tips

Email marketing for any business is both an art and a science.  So much can go wrong and the overall results can very often result in a poor return on investment.  Perhap now is a good time to evaluate what works and what doesn't, then move forward armed with ideas to put into practice.

In this blog I'll be offering 5 tips to help improve your marketing communication, but if you are interested in taking this further and exploring the use of discount codes, coupons and pricing groups, and how easy it is to promote training using a course management system, then join Hannah for a short 30 minute webinar on Thursday 27th November at 11.30 am GMT.

Checklist - 5 tips to improve marketing emails

1. Appropriate Message

Don't blanket, personalise your messages.  Drill down into your database or data lists and segment these to match your audience.  Make sure the messages and designs are customised to interest each group. Mass emailing is so old hat!

2. Relevant Content

How interesting is your email really going to be to your audience?  If you are offering a specific training course, why not add some testimonials from past candidates.  How did they rate you?

3. Call to Action

What is the offer?  What do you want our audience to do?  Book a course?  Make it worth their while, offer a discount or coupon, tempt them to bring a colleague.  Add value to your offer.  Give your audience the opportunity to share by adding social media buttons.  Don't miss any opportunity to send your message viral! 

4. Wow them with your subject line

This is arguably one of the most important aspect to your email campaign, because it's the first thing to appear in your prospects inbox.  Try personalising, make it compelling, add value or invoke a sense of urgency or curiosity.

5. Design

Make it powerful, eye catching and easy to read.  Be careful with text size, overuse of bold and capitals. Engage your audience.  Be careful with images as spam filters and firewalls will check your text to image ratio and may block your communication.  Is it mobile friendly?  Does it contain links?  Is it too long? Make sure the eye is drawn to that all important call to action.