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The bsoco awards - 2015 edition

Each year, the bsoco awards recognize the best business software. The awards are given based on the assessment of an independent international panel of judges and the assessment of users themselves, who respond to a unique questionnaire. The responses of thousands of users are converted into a bsoco index score.

More information about the bsoco awards terms and conditions.

See the 2015 winners of the LMS category

Talentsoft LMS- Talentsoft LMS - Saba Learning Work- Saba Learning Work - IBM Kenexa LMS- IBM Kenexa LMS -

See the 2015 winners of the Authoring tool category

Content Studio IMC- Content Studio IMC - IBM Kenexa LCMS- IBM Kenexa LCMS - Talentsoft LCMS - Talentsoft LCMS -

See the 2015 winners of the Rapid learning category

Adobe Captivate 9- Adobe Captivate 9 - SlidePresenter- SlidePresenter - Camtasia- Camtasia -

See the 2015 winners of the Payroll category

ADP Decidium (Paie)- ADP Decidium (Paie) - EBP Paye- EBP Paye - e-Paye- e-Paye -

See the 2015 winners of the Recruitment category

Lumesse TalentLink- Lumesse TalentLink - Jobpartners ActiveRecruiter- Jobpartners ActiveRecruiter - Talentsoft Recruiting - Talentsoft Recruiting -

See the 2015 winners of the Competency category

Cornerstone Performance- Cornerstone Performance - Talentsoft Performance & Competencies- Talentsoft Performance & Competencies - Oracle Talent Management- Oracle Talent Management -

See the 2015 winners of the HRIS category

Meta4 PeopleNet- Meta4 PeopleNet - ADP Decidium - ADP Decidium - -

See the 2015 winners of the CRM category

Welcome Real Time At Store- Welcome Real Time At Store - Infocob CRM- Infocob CRM - SalesForce- SalesForce -

See the 2015 winners of the Email marketing category

Mailpro- Mailpro - Sarbacane Desktop- Sarbacane Desktop - Emailing Pro- Emailing Pro -

See the 2015 winners of the ERP category

Epicor ERP- Epicor ERP - Infor ERP- Infor ERP - Genius Project- Genius Project -

See the 2015 winners of the CMS Website category

Drupal- Drupal - Prestashop- Prestashop - WordPress- WordPress -