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The bsoco awards

Each year, the bsoco awards recognize the best business software. The awards are given based on the assessment of an independent international panel of judges and the assessment of users themselves, who respond to a unique questionnaire. The responses of thousands of users are converted into a bsoco index score.

More information about the bsoco awards terms and conditions.

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The formal announcement of the 2016 winners will be made in conjunction with important European trade shows:


From 26 to 28 January 2016 in Karlsruhe (Germany) - e-learning category Salon Solution Ressources humaines

From 22 to 24 March 2016 in Paris (France) - HR category Salon Solutions

From 20 to 22 September 2016 in Paris (France) - ERP and CRM categories

The jury

Béatrice Lhuillier

Beatrice LHUILLIER is a consultant in digital-learning strategies. She supports her customers (organisations or freelancers) with the implementation of their strategies of design, creation and online sales of training packages. She is the author of a book on modern, attractive communication and several guides and white papers.The latest, "7 tips from an e-learning pro on how to create and sell online training", can be downloaded from She is also founder and president of the association Learning Sphere (

Pascal Balancier

Since 2007, Pascal Balancier is eLearning expert at the Walloon Telecommunication Agency ( In charge of the promotion of eLearning in the French part of Belgium, he has developed various initiatives, most in partnerships, to foster the use of ICT in a learning context.

Philippe Grange

Journalist, trainer, communications consulting, Philippe Grange specializes in economics of information technology and digital technology. He worked for all major media dealing with these subjects, press, radio and television. Co-creator of the Salons Solutions (ERP, CRM, Solutions Demat', Solutions eAchats, Solutions BI & Big Data), 19 years the director of the Conferences.

Silvia Anabitarte

Consultant implementation of e-learning projects and vitual training, tutoring and instructional designer for the modality, Silvia Anabitarte has an extensive experience in design, coordination and management of training paths graduate. She is a professor at several institutions about e-learning and a member of the arbitration committee of the journal Open University of Guadalajara (Mexico). Aktuální: Consultant implementation of e-learning projects and vitual training, tutoring and instructional designer for the modality, Silvia Anabitarte has an extensive experience in design, coordination and management of training post graduate and corporate training. She is a coordinator at several institutions about e-learning and a member of the arbitration committee of the journal Open University of Guadalajara (Mexico).

Errol Capmbell

Errol has been a Qualified teacher and lecturer in Design and Technology for the over 15 years. He is an innovated educator with a vision for the use of on-line technology for the 21st century in the classroom. He is a member of The General Teaching Council for England and also a member of The National College for School Teachers and Leaders. He specialises in delivering a consultancy service to schools and organisation, on how to maximise their use Multimedia and Elearning resources in the classroom. Errol as had is innovative designs published as a patent.

Germán Piñeiro

Marketing Consultant and CEO of Virtual Initiatives Group. In the past he has been director of marketing for major real estate companies (investments, food, advertising sector). Finally he decided to found his own company in 2005 ( and to independently provide Marketing and Consultant services to other companies. He is an author of blog :

Laurent Chojnowski

Since the 90s, Laurent Chojnowski is an expert in computer CAD and simulation. Co-founder of Solid Dynamics. Autodesk has integrated his Motion solution. He is owner of the blog He contributes to develop and sale software solutions for industry (ERP, CAPM, EDM, PLM, CRM, Task Manager).

Jonathan Loriaux

JJonathan has been active for more than seven years in the field of e-mailing. He began his career on the technical side (research and development, integration of e-mail campaigns) before moving to sales as an eCRM expert and finally as a marketing consultant for the eCRM company

Pierre-Henri Beguin

22 years of experience in the world of CRM and management of information flows for sales and marketing people and technicians with a number of clients. This expertise is complemented by knowledge of Google Apps for Work and the Cloud using Google’s Top Contributor program.

Elena Conti Gimenez-Frontin

Studied physics. Over 15 years of experience in information systems, process analysis, business planning, project management and team leadership. She is flexible and result-oriented. Specializations: management, business management, organization and information systems, operational risk management and crisis planning, training in management skills and expertise, recruitment and motivation.

Cyril Minon

Independent consultant. Functional specialist, Consultant and HRIS Project Manager. He has 15 years of professional experience in consulting firms in Lyon and Paris, from SME's to an international group. “After a career as a trainer, HRIS consultant and Project Manager and HR Product Manager, I decided to change my life and move to Valence, in the Drôme-Ardèche region in 2013.”

Sébastien Fraysse

LMS and e-Learning standards platforms expert (XAPI / tincan, SCORM). R & D Manager of the company Ninoxe. Ninoxe accompanies key accounts in the design of their digital solutions and industrialization of their e-Learning productions.

Didier Rouxel

Didier Rouxel operates in the areas of HR and HRIS via DRHIS, a company whose activities are focussedon the optimization of processes and tools to improve HR performance measures. He is also Dir of HR on a timeshare basis in SMEs.Fascinated by new technologies, social networks and collaborative 2.0, he brings to his customers a double experience in IT and Human Resources. Host of the HRIS and Digital ANDRH (Nat HR Law Assoc) commission and member of Movement Generation HR (HR & M group).

Isabel Iglesias

Law degree from the University Autonoma of Madrid, Master in Management and Human Resources, Master in Psychological Intervention with DBMfron the University of Valence. She has worked in Human Resources management positions in different sectors. Managing partner in Etrania HR, a HR consulting firm, accompanying organizations in their people management using social networks. Associate lecturer in different Universities and Business Schools in Spain.

Ximo Salas

Degree in Mathematics from the University of Valencia, with Masters in Community Manager and Social Media Management from the University of Barcelona, International Management from ESADE and Human Resources and Knowledge Management from Luis Vives School of Valencia. Speaker, trainer and consultant in Human Resources and Recruitment 2.0. With over 20 years of experience as a consultant and HR manager in different sectors. Co-author of the book "Improve and Win" (Personal Brand Manual for job search, SC Libros Editorial, 2013).

Daniel Fernández

Daniel Fernandez is a head of e-learning project, freelace and expert in corporate learning and instructional design consultant. He has worked on projects for major companies and organizations such as Banesto, Mapfre, Caser, Fremap, Natural Gas, Ferrovial, NH Hoteles, Pepe Jeans, Mail, Tax Agency, DGT, ILO (International Labour Organization), World Association of Public Employment Services , UEM, etc.

Beatriz Romero

Expert in Effective Online Marketing Tools for freelances, SMEs and self-employed persons.

Joaquim Carbonell

Multifunctional and multidisciplinary experience. He has de hability to see the big picture and to identify what and how improve. Structured and organized. He is responsible for the design, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of projects. He has high communication skills and is an excellent facilitator. JoaquimCarbonell

Francisco Domínguez Román

Francisco has more than 15 years of experience helping companies to improve their business. With a tailored balance between technology and people, has shown that it's possible to achieve relevant challenges. He makes projects on support, customer and supplier relationships (CRM/ERP), also in marketing and business analysis (CRM/BI). Currently he works for a technology company based in London. He is also Brand Ambassador of the Social Media company Hootsuite, and the robotics one Robotshop.