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bsoco awards are given to the best e-learning software of the year

An absolutely innovative European award for developers of professional distance-learning software.

21/02/2013 - bsoco, the leader of community benchmarking for professional software, has published its “bsoco awards” rankings for 2013 in the e-learning category

Every year, the “bsoco awards” are given out to software developers on the basis of an innovative concept, made highly suitable thanks to a two-pronged approach: the opinion of a jury composed of professional consultants, and the analysis of the usage patterns of thousands of software users converted into indices by the bsoco website.

A key event and venue for distribution of awards to players in e-learning

On 31 January 2013, bsoco awarded the winners in the e-learning category during the LearnTec trade show in Karlsruhe (Germany). The heads of the various award-winning developers were all present and personally received their awards.

View the complete ranking of the bsoco awards here

Some of the statements made during this event:

"Receiving an award based on the advice of consultants and users is a great honor for us and proves once again that our software has been unanimously received in the international market for distance learning" said Jérôme Bruet, General Manager of e-doceo, France

"This award recognises our Learning Management System is a best in class and industry leading solution which is innovative and intuitive to use. Helping our customers to achieve strategic advantage using our LMS is key to us,” comments Malcolm Tinkler, vice president of EMEA, SumTotal Systems.

A unique, comprehensive and pertinent award

No less than 9 awards in the e-learning category were awarded during this event, honouring the best LMSs, authoring tools and rapid-learning software. The “bsoco awards” aspire to be a complete and pertinent award: it is meant for cross-cutting software and tools that are essential for any sort of e-learning.

The combination of a panel of professionals from the field and the opinions of thousands of users guarantees an unrivalled pertinence and makes the “bsoco awards” a unique award, offering an innovative approach.

An upcoming rendezvous that is not to be missed

bsoco will continue with its Tour of Europe, and will be present in Paris (France) on 26 March 2013 at the Solution Ressources humaines [Human Resources Solutions] trade show to honour the best software in the HR category.


bsoco was established in 2010 by consultants specialising in benchmarking; it advises companies regarding their choice of professional IT solutions. Thanks to a unique concept, the bsoco index makes it possible to convert the characteristics of software observed by users into an actual relevance index. Evaluated on the basis of 4 criteria (performance, ergonomics, reliability and services), the software comparison tool offers a relevant framework to compare the leading software in the market.

With a strong presence in the United States, England, France, Spain, South America, and the Czech Republic, which is its home country, the bsoco community enables the website to provide unique comparative studies on ERP, CRM, CMS, e-mailing, SIRH, LMS, rapid-learning, authoring-tool, talent-management and even accounting software.

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