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bsoco – software comparisons publishes its 1st barometer of 2015

One single, clear document that analyses the trends of the software market


 bsoco - the leading professional software benchmark community, published its 16th barometer. This paper presents the trends of B2B software purchasing in the first quarter of 2015. Each quarter, this barometer gives performance indicators on areas of software such as CRM, ERP, e-learning, HRIS, CMS, etc.

The first quarter was slightly down compared to the average of the three previous quarters (- 4.27%) however, the year started much better than 2014, with prospective purchases being more than twice as high. In the words of Pavel Novak, chief analyst at bsoco, software publishers can expect a successful 2015: "According to our sales outlook indicators the vast majority of categories of software that we analyse are well above what we observed in the first quarter of 2014. E-learning and HR software are very promising. And from a more macro perspective, there are likely to be many mergers and acquisitions in this market."


e-doceo, one of the European leaders in e-learning software, reflects this dynamic.

"Over the last 9 months, our order book has grown by over 30%. There are specific reasons for this news, notably the launch of major innovations such as the application SkillCatch, but we are also taking advantage of a very good situation. The digitalisation of training is becoming increasingly strategic for our customers."


After a rebound in the last quarter of 2014, interest in open source software has slowed again as SaaS but equally, purchasing software is progressing. Software costs remained stable overall (a small decline of 1.67%).

According to Pascal Grémiaux, Founder and President of Eurécia: "Rates for SaaS software, at least for pure players in this field, remain stable. This is essentially due to the pooling of means and resources. Thus, software is regularly enhanced with new features without seeing a rise in prices.“

 Among the countries leading the way in software investment the barometer highlights Spain, Canada, Germany, Switzerland and the US.

« CrossKnowledge can testify that the large investments recorded for the software industry are echoed in the field of talent development software. North America is still on top of the leaderboard, with a global market share of over 50%. In Europe, the German-speaking area is leading thanks to its maturity and size, while Spain is quickly catching up with e-Learning initiatives.”  says Alexandre Muller, Digital Marketing Manager,  CrossKnowledge.



Finally, the bsoco barometer reveals its usual TOP 50, which ranks the top 50 software packages in its base in order of user satisfaction. A notable arrival in the top 5 ranking in its category is Purchase Control, an accounting software package that has acquired a prominent place in the highly fragmented accounting software market. On a equal note, the biggest riser is IBM, with its e-learning solution Kenexa and finally Drupal, the CMS open source, has made a very nice return to the TOP 50 after several months of absence, returning directly to 15th place.

The full results (the "bsoco barometer") are available for free download on the homepage of the bsoco, software comparisons website.

bsoco is a company which specializes in benchmarking professional software. Based on big data principles, it provides software developers and companies looking for B2B software with analyses of statistics obtained from its large community of users. The concept is unique in that it turns the observed behavior of software users into a relevant factual index. Software is evaluated according to 4 criteria (performance, usability, reliability and services) offering readers a tool to compare the performance of products offered from market leaders.

To determine purchasing trends, bsoco analyzes the browsing behavior of its thousands of users worldwide and identifies the most frequent searches. It also considers the sales of its benchmark sheets, which is a reliable indicator of the short-term purchasing plans of users. Recognized by professional software developers, the bsoco barometer gives useful and relevant benchmarks for both software vendors and buyers.

With a strong presence in the United States, England, France, Spain and South America, the bsoco community allows the site to provide unique comparative studies of all kinds of software including ERP, CRM, CMS, e-mailing, HRIS, LMS, rapid learning, authoring tools, talent management and accounting.

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