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bsoco – software comparisons publishises its 3rd barometer of 2014

One single, clear document that analyzes the trends of the software market

 On 16/10/2014 bsoco, the leader in community benchmark software professionals, published its 14th barometer. This paper presents the trends of B2B software purchasing in the months of July, August and September. Each quarter, this barometer gives performance indicators on areas of software such as CRM, ERP, e-learning, HRIS, CMS, etc. On the last page, the report also shows a photograph of 2014.

In a rather gloomy economic climate in Europe, software vendors retain a great commercial appeal. The barometer shows a stronger momentum in the third quarter than in previous quarters. There is a an increase in the tendancey to buy of 28%. However, according to Pavel Novak, chief analyst at bsoco, "We are seeing an increase in the time between deciding to buy and actually buying." He said that buying intentions identified by the site less than a year ago were actioned in the following quarter. In recent months, this difference has tended to stretch to a period of 6 months.

Not all software categories benefit in the same way from the positive market dynamics. Yet there is one category that has been really riding a wave of success for several months: CRM. Companies are investing heavily in tools that help them develop their portfolio of clients. This is also the case of e-mailing software. "Buyers are taking advantage of the dynamics of SaaS, digital content development and e-commerce. At the heart of digital business initiatives, CRM has become a major challenge, even for SMEs," confirmed William FLEUREAU marketing director of Blowpipe. In another sector, companies are also showing a genuine interest in learning platforms.

The direct result of the economic climate? Open source (free software) has increased slightly. In fact,  interest in this type of program has risen for the first time in 27 months. Admittedly, there is still a delayed software purchase or SaaS mode, but it is, however, a slight improvement for this type of player. "The behaviour of open source is very interesting, it has managed to become leader in the world of CMS. In other markets, it remains a marginal phenomenon," said Mr Novak. SaaS continues to be the driving force of the software economy, as Florence Tardy, Business Developer at Welcom Rt (CRM) emphasized "The main issue for ISVs is the transition to a cloud model, SaaS, which requires the construction of new business models with partners. The issuing of invoices for usage strengthens the resolve of the publishers to succeed with the software." The price of software has remained stable overall, although it has been slightly negative (-0.63%) for several quarters.

The barometer highlights the United States and the United Kingdom. And more surprising, or indicative of a dynamic situation, Eastern Europe and Spain also figure among the leading players.

Finally, the bsoco barometer unveiled its usual Top 50. This ranks the top 50 software packages in order of user satisfaction. Notable are the return of CRM "Welcome RT" in 20th place and the arrival of a new HRIS in 42nd place (Alcuin HRIS). The podium is unchanged with Lumesse TalentLink (Recruitment), Adobe Campaign (emailing), Epicor Enterprise (ERP).

 The full study (the "barometer bsoco") is available for free download on the home page of the bsoco website.bsoco, comparatif de logiciel.



bsoco is a company specializing in benchmarking professional computer solutions. Designed on the principle of big data, we bring to businesses looking for a B2B software or IT publishing professionals statistical analysis based on its large community of users. Its unique design enables the behaviour patterns of software users to be transposed into a factual and relevant index. Evaluated according to 4 criteria (performance, usability, reliability and services), the software comparison provides ranking within an efficient tool to software market leaders.

To establish its statistical trend purchases bsoco examines the browsing behavior of its thousands of users worldwide and identifies the top searches. In particular, it exploits the results of its benchmark sales sheets which reveal the very reliable short term purchase intentions of users. Professionally recognised in software publishing, the bsoco barometer provides relevant and useful tools for both sellers and buyers of software solutions.

With a strong presence in the United States, England, France, Spain, and South America, the bsoco community allows the site to provide unique comparative studies of ERP, CRM, CMS, e-mailing, HRIS, LMS , rapid learning, authoring tools, talent management or accounting.

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