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bsoco, the software comparator, releases the bsoco barometer - 1st quarter 2012

A clear and unique software market trend analysis

bsoco, the leader of the community benchmark in the domain of professional software, publishes its 1st barometer of 2012. This document presents buying trends in January, February and March. It shows the general trend of 2012 in areas of professional software such as e-learning, HR, e-business or management. bsoco is becoming more and more popular among professionals, editors of business software, and in its 5th barometer offers new indicators (SaaS, Open Source, rates, etc..).

The 7% increase of buying trends in the 1st quarter of 2012 in comparison with the last quarter of 2011 shows that some sectors are booming. These are mainly tools that accompany the development of companies such as CRM or e-learning software packages. Increase of CRM and e-learning applications is respectively 12% and 21% in comparison with the previous barometer. However, some sectors with more structuring tools such as HR or accounting applications, have inverse trend. For example HRIS or talent management software stagnate in the "Bad for business" area as you can see on the buying trend graph. Paradoxically, the HR software remains very popular. Similarly, their satisfaction ratings remain very high. For example the bsoco index of talent management tools is 7614 points, with positive deviation cca 1200 points of the average bsoco index (all categories).

New in this edition: the barometer provides a benchmark rate by type of software. They are calculated from the average price provided by each editor referenced in the bsoco database. We learn: for example the average cost of LMS e-learning implementation is € 1 per user per month, while the administrator of an e-mailing software will pay on average 38 € / month.

This barometer also provides information about users´ interest in following 3 types of software : "open source", "standalone" or "SaaS." We discover that 47% of visited software packages are available in SaaS. A trend that goes beyond the standalone (29%) and the open source (24%).

Finally, the bsoco barometer shows its usual "Top 50" that ranks the top 50 software from its database in accordance to users´ satisfaction. After several months of the leading position, Stepstone (talent management) has just lost the first place to the benefit of another talent management software, Umantis, followed by Kenexa. CRM, Mamut Enterprise completed the podium.

In the TOP 50, we see some great entries like OutStart LCMS (an e-learning authoring tool) or FILEFINDER (a recruitment software). There is again a competency software that has jumped directly to an interesting position: it is TM Sigal. A considerable fall in the ranking: GeoLearning, LMS, that loses 22 positions, or Dolist, e-mailing software, that loses 6 positions.

The complete study ("bsoco barometer") is available for free download on the homepage of the bsoco site.