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bsoco, the software comparator, releases the bsoco barometer – 2nd quarter 2011

A clear and unique software market trend analysis

bsoco, the leader of the community benchmark in the domain of professional software, publishes the bsoco barometer of the 2nd quarter 2011. It shows the general trend of 2011 in areas of professional software such as e-learning, HR, e-business or management.

With a unique concept, bsoco index transpose users software experience into factual data. Evaluated according to four criteria (performance, ergonomics, reliability and services), our software comparator offers current, precise and objective information about software and its position on the market in comparison with other software packages.

Based on large community of users in several European countries (Spain, France, England), in the United States and South America, bsoco provides unique comparative studies on ERP, CRM, CMS, e-mailing, HRIS, LMS, rapid learning, authoring tool, talent management or accounting software. After such a good start in January and February 2011, this barometer highlights, in March, a general slowing in buying trends, in all the software categories. The business software (CRM, CMS, e-mailing) is the most consistent over the first half.

Talent management software and training platforms (LMS) have suffered the biggest slowdown, cca 30% of buying trend between January and June 2011.

HR, especially recruiting software, continue in the slow but steady buying trend.

In the TOP 50, we see some great entries like Sarbacane (emailing) or TalentSoft (talent management).

The complete study ("bsoco barometer") is available for free download on the homepage of the bsoco site.