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bsoco, the software comparator, releases the bsoco barometer - 4th quarter 2012

A clear and unique software market trend analysis

On 14/01/2013 - bsoco, the leader of the community benchmark in the domain of business software, publishes its 4th barometer of 2012. This document presents buying trends in October, November and December. It shows the general trend of 2012 in areas of professional software such as CRM, ERP, e-learning, HRIS or CMS, based on the web browsing behavior of thousands of bsoco users worldwide. The number of benchmark sheets that have been sold reliably presents short-term purchase intentions. The bsoco barometer provides relevant and useful benchmarks to evaluate business software.

The 4th quarter is the weakest quarter of the year in terms of software buying trends : A 18% fall compared to the average of 3 previous quarters as well as 18% fall in comparison with last year.

As for buying trends in different categories: the business software category, especially CRM, became the most successful in the last quarter of 2012. On the contrary HR and e-learning with the largest decrease in this quarter (a 50 % fall compared to previous 9 months.) There is a perfect balance between buying trend of standalone license and SaaS models at the end of the year. The increase of SaaS, +43%, is to the detriment of the open-source that continues in its free fall for several months. The decrease of visitors´ interest of open source in this quarter is 56%.

A 1,26 % increase of the average market price reflects the compensation of lower sales volumes. Finally, the bsoco barometer shows its usual "Top 50" that ranks software solutions from its database in accordance to users´ satisfaction. In terms of software performance, users continue to vote for « Umantis » (Talent management) that keeps again the head of bsoco TOP 50, followed by « IFS » (ERP) and « Total LMS » (LMS).

In the TOP 50, we see some great entries like « ADP » (SIRH) or french « EBP » (Accounting) on 37th position.

The complete study ("bsoco barometer") is available for free download on the homepage of the bsoco website


bsoco was created in 2010 in the Czech Republic by consultants specialized in the benchmark and giving advice to businesses in regards to choosing professional IT solutions. With a unique concept, bsoco index transpose users software experience into factual data. Evaluated according to 4 criterias (performance, ergonomics, reliability and services), our software comparator offers current, precise and objective information about software and its position on the market in comparison with other software packages.

Based on large community of users in several European countries (Spain, France, England), in the United States and South America, bsoco provides unique comparative studies on ERP, CRM, CMS, e-mailing, HRIS, LMS, rapid learning, authoring tool, talent management or accounting software.

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