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Discover the software comparator of IT solutions aiming at commercial optimization

Choosing software for business is not always very easy. Our software comparator chart (CRM, CMS, emailing) brings you a ranking as well as a lecture grid for CRM, e-mailing software, CMS or web text publishers.

Whether you have an e-commerce background or from a more traditional one, your IT applications will bring you success.

business software comparison

How to choose your CRM, CMS or e-mailing package?

To prospect, take control, for e-marketing or loyalty, the business packages will optimize your ROI, that's certain. In an increasingly competitive market environment, it is necessary to exploit these digital tools. The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Customer Client Relationship Management (CCRM) are solutions which are fully encapsulated in CIOs, they are the backbone of marketing strategies and communication.

E-mailing tools are often close to your web creation packages, not functionally but on a strategic plan. In both cases, tracking knowledge is essential. What is your campaign performance? How many visits are you getting on your web page? The CMS comparison tool and the emailing comparison tool will help you make a good choice.

To succeed implementing such IT solutions for the business, it is necessary to compare the software: the bsoco index will help you. However one must also succeed in project management and change management. To achieve this, working with specialists can be of valuable help. The bsoco site also provides a directory of consultants in the field of CRM, CMS and emailing.


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16/05/2016 - Interview (emailing): Maximilian Modl, Chief Marketing Officer at Newsletter2Go


bsoco: What are your news since our last interview? Maximilian Modl: We just released a new version of our software. Our brand new email marketing software includes a lot of exciting, [...]

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09/12/2015 - Which Email Clients Do Your Customers Use?


Do you know which Email Clients your newsletter recipients are using? If you do, then congratulations! You’re on top of your email marketing game. Feel free to compare your own [...]

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11/05/2015 - Interview (emailing): Maximilian Modl, Chief Marketing Officer at Newsletter2Go.


bsoco: Your company has a presence in many countries. Can we define you as leader in the field of e-mailing? Maximilian Modl: Yes, you can. Since Newsletter2Go was founded in 2009 by [...]

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06/05/2015 - Newsletter2Go explains why email isn't dead


For years, we've been hearing that email is dead or about to die. Yet in 2015, it is still alive and better than ever!  Newsletter2Go explains in 3 points why [...]

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19/03/2013 - The Cloud On The Horizon: The Adoption of Cloud Content Management in Healthcare


WebPal CMS™ provides our clients with a powerful tool that gives them full control over their web content. Both for developers and marketing professionals, at the enterprise, or as a [...]

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03/01/2013 - Interview (emailing) - Mathieu Tarnus, general manager at Sarbacane Software, answers our questions about its software


bsoco : Your company was founded in 2001. Could you describe your path from start-up to mature company. What does [...]

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