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CrossKnowledge Learning Suite, release 13.1

CrossKnowledge is proud to announce the launch of the new release of its LMS (Learning Management System) platform. The only solution on the market offering exclusive integrated learning formats, available in SaaS and 100% cloud mode, CrossKnowledge Learning Suite optimizes on-line solutions, enhances training performance, and increases ROI for clients. Release 13.1 features major innovations in all these areas.

One step ahead of changes in learning behaviour

Release 13.1 further strengthens the relationship with the learner. Few organizations anticipate the changes that take place when learners move over to e-learning. Courses formerly delivered in face-to-face sessions are sometimes replaced by dozens of hours spent alone in front of a screen. This can be a dispiriting experience; many learners are reluctant to rise to the challenge, and this can result in very disappointing take-up rates.

To offer learners a stimulating learning experience, release 13.1 of CrossKnowledge Learning Suite offers paths and communities based on social learning, featuring carefully designed communication and support functions:
- Assess&Learn makes it possible, in just a few clicks, to create prescriptive questionnaires that fully customize the on-line training path, whatever the type of content being used (off-the-shelf or tailor-made), by adapting the number of courses to be followed to the actual level of the learner. These questionnaires are filled out both pre- and post- training, which means you can measure how well the skills have been learned and assess learning ROI.
- The Assess&Learn engine makes it possible to createteaser questions linked to content recommendations. Similar to news sites, and in a learner marketing approach that is more ‘pull’ than ‘push’, these questions continue to spark the interest of learners, encouraging them to log on to respond and then to train on line.
- Snowed under by e-mails, learners respond less and less readily to reminders, even if they are personalized. This is why it is vital to use less intrusive communication methods inspired by social networking. The learner receives adigest as often as he or she chooses, recapping the progress made in learning activities, reviewing on-going discussions, and suggesting additional resources.

“Successful e-learning means getting learners on board. By introducing the principles of social networking into our training initiatives, we are creating a small revolution in the world of LMS platforms!”, says Steve Fiehl, Chief Innovation Officer at CrossKnowledge.

A carefully designed administrator experience, with courses created in just a few clicks

Release 13.1 makes simplicity of use a priority: a training path development wizard guides the administrator step by step, and differentiated workspaces are offered to suit different roles (an administrator enrolling learners and an administrator creating a training programme will be exposed to a different range of functions).

“Moving over into e-learning also entails changing roles within organizations”, explains Steve Fiehl. “It’s really important to us to offer all the people involved a truly intuitive work environment”.

A solution for all types of content and new ambitions for the platform market

Renowned for its wide range of management and leadership training solutions, CrossKnowledge, a content publisher based in France, now has the world platform market firmly in its sights.

“We support our clients with all their skills development needs, be they company-wide or restricted to particular areas of competence”, says Steve Fiehl. “Many clients acknowledge that our specialization in learning really makes a difference, and put their platform in our hands for all their training initiatives”.

To adapt to these new challenges, release 13.1 features advanced e-learning catalogue management functionalities:
- Automated import of large content catalogues, whatever their format (mp4, mp3, PDF, Office, Scorm, AICC, etc.)
- Pre-inclusion of content produced by leading publishers alongside the CrossKnowledge catalogue, on subjects including office software, IT, languages, compliance, etc.
- The possibility of using this content via CrossKnowledge training formats: usage rates for content from some publishers have doubled.

A platform that can be used in a variety of different environments

“Such a strategy can only work if we make the platform open-ended and compatible with other systems”, says Steve Fiehl. “Release 13.1 offers twice as many webservices as before”.

With over 100 web services available, CrossKnowledge Learning Suite is the most open-ended platform on the market and interfaces with most IT systems, intranets, and talent management solutions. It also supports all the main authentication services (SAML and CAS SSO protocols used by LinkedIn or Google Apps); users no longer need a password to log on, making for a much smoother experience. The sheer range of technological solutions available has made open-endedness one of the key issues in today’s market.

"The more complex training processes become, especially with the rise of informal learning and the growing potential of communities, the more our clients expect their LMS to be professional solutions integrating the latest training innovations facilitating deployment. This is very much the thinking behind the latest release of the CrossKnowledge Learning Suite”, concludes Steve Fiehl.

The CrossKnowledge suite is a cloud-based technological platform made up of exclusive applications dedicated to the deployment of your training strategies. It allows you to implement blended learning and social learning programmes, to develop distance learning content and skills assessment programmes… or to organise combinations of these different types of project.

It allows you to implement the following:
• blended learning projects using our Training Solutions technology;
• social learning projects using our Community Solutions technology;
• mentored learning projects using our Mentoring Solutions technology;
• professional e-learning content development using our Mohive authoring tool. … and to offer a new learning experience.

CrossKnowledge believes that such a platform must not be restricted to classroom and e-learning strategies, but must combine formal and informal learning (on-line dialogues, blogs, etc.), long-term learning paths and immediate training, and PC-based and mobile learning experiences, all built into a single Learning Portal.

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