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Design your own authoring functionality

Every software user at some time wonders: 'Why was this implemented in this way' or 'Why can't I do this, or that more easily?" Easygenerator has decided to give you the opportunity to act on this frustration. We are offering a contest that allows you to design or improve functionality in easygenerator. If you have an idea to improve our authoring tool, or if you have a completely new idea, please participate! We will select, from all submissions, at least one idea and build it into easygenerator. This contest is open to everybody, easygenerator user or not. If you don't have a license we will give you one for free untill the end of the contest (November 1st 2012).

What's a contest without a prize? There are prizes - of course! The biggest prize is having your idea implemented in easygenerator. Additionally, you will win a full year's use of easygenerator and you'll be invited to attend easygenerator's development webinars to ensure what we build is built to your specifications.

Participation is easy -- just send an e-mail with your idea(s) to . By submitting your idea(s) you automatically accept the contest rules. We ask you to write your idea in the form of a user story (As a I can , so .). See wikipedia for detailed instructions.

We will announce the contest winner at DevLearn in Las Vegas (link) on November 1st 2012.