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Developing Learning and Compliance (SumTotal : VieCuri medical centre case study)

About the case study

Business Challenges
• Complicated and cumbersome administration of learning and compliance
• Lack of real-time, consolidated view of e-learning and practical exam results
• Inability to provide on-the-go learning to employees with fluctuating schedules

• Implemented SumTotal Learn: Enterprise, Mobile, Content Versioning solutions with partner Atrivision
• Developed an integrated portal for learning and compliance tracking
• Created e-learning modules

• Provide pervasive access to learning at the point of need
• Automated system for all blended-learning activities (e-learning, skills labs, knowledge checks)
• Efficient, flexible and transparent system for tracking learning and compliance across entire organisation
• Increased visibility into employee training status and learning progress


VieCuri Medical Centre is a general hospital in The Netherlands. It has 148 specialists, approximately 70 junior doctors and 3,000 staff. The hospital needed a structured way to track and plan learning and development for all employees. VieCuri wanted to fulfill its ambitions of maintaining medical excellence, creating a professional, friendly environment for patients, and continuing to grow as a hospital.

In 2007, VieCuri established a corporate university responsible for the organisation’s learning strategy and operations. The corporate university coordinates all learning activities for all doctors, nurses and clinical advisors hospital wide. VieCuri is also a clinical teaching hospital and has the responsibility of training students from other medical facilities across the south region of The Netherlands.

VieCuri is a pioneering knowledge institute and top employer in the region, and learning plays a key part in developing and maintaining this role. The hospital prides itself on being at the forefront of new medical developments. Having skilled and talented people who regularly complete the most up-todate training is a major source of this pride.

VieCuri believes that learning and development should involve more than training alone and that practical experience is vital. The hospital environment can provide this combination of learning via textbook, lessons and practical experience, and the university needed a way to track the different types of training and learning in an easy-to-use platform.

Legal and compliance frameworks are an important consideration for any hospital. Courses need to be completed and training kept up to date for all medical professionals to ensure the hospital stays compliant. With 3,000 employees, the hospital needed an automated system to accurately track these requirements and ensure employees completed training on time. Additionally, all employees work shifts with unpredictable patterns so making learning accessible at all times and from any location was a key driver.


As part of the corporate university, VieCuri implemented SumTotal’s learning management system LMS) in 2009 to support the administration of learning activities. The medical centre worked with SumTotal partner Atrivision to implement the LMS, which formed the basis for the VieCuri learning portal.

SumTotal and Atrivision implemented the system in 12 weeks and helped the hospital by providing guidance and expertise at every stage:
Inventory of existing learning structures in place and ongoing needs of the hospital
Determined configuration specific to the hospital’s requirements
Created and installed LMS and e-learning programme
Configured and tested the learning portal
Demonstrated LMS to staff and trained them on how to use it
Connected other HR systems: AFAS Profit and Cura
Provided operational support: SaaS delivery of the platform, functional support and e-learning development

The learning portal, named VieCuri Academy (ViA), hosts training courses, exam times, skills labs, workplace proficiency checks and background information on the university. It also supports delivery of healthcare operating procedures. VieCuri also implemented SumTotal Learn: Mobile to allow employees to take e-learning courses any time, from any location. Employees can access course information and complete learning modules on any device, and some find it quicker to do courses in their own time.

Every employee enrolled with the corporate university has a personal login, which enables the hospital to show only the courses an employee needs and provide a personalised experience with automated assignment of learning resources based upon jobs and roles.


SumTotal Learn solutions and the corporate university has made learning and training across the hospital more efficient, flexible and easy to use. VieCuri has reduced training times for nurses by 50%, and the effectiveness of skills labs has improved through more tailoring to individual learning needs. Courses like Injecting Medication, Using Medical Technology, Reading electrocardiograms and Blood Transfusion are now available through e-learning. Combined with the LMS tracking, this ensures 100% compliance of healthcare professionals at all times.

“We are now able to plan learning activities quickly and simply and keep track of employee and team progress,” said Monique Dings, director of VieCuri Academy. “We can offer opportunities for learning in a much more flexible way as a result of e-learning. This enables us, as a corporate university, to fulfill our role of learning and development in a strategic manner.”

VieCuri notes the following benefits:
• Access to learning is easier and everywhere
• Automated assignment, registration and authorisation of courses. Employees and managers are kept informed via automatic email notifications
• More overview and insight about learning resource availability and use within VieCuri
• Learning and compliance history is recorded in a central location for each employee, department and the organisation as a whole, making it more efficient to track training and examine an individual’s requirements on an ongoing basis
• Extensive reports on registrations, enrolment, test results, course evaluation and statistics for learning projects are available for managers to examine the effectiveness of courses
• Employees have provided positive feedback about the e-learning programme and mobile learning opportunities

About VieCuri

VieCuri is a medical centre in The Netherlands that covers a region of 280,000 citizens in the South. VieCuri delivers both general and specialised healthcare services and educates healthcare professionals. It employs more than 3,000 employees and has 450 hospital beds.

About Sumtotal

SumTotal, LLC, recognized as a market leader by industry experts and analysts as the largest independent provider of integrated HR solutions, is committed to helping customers create great places to work. SumTotal is the only HR solution provider to deliver Talent Expansion(tm), a whole new approach to discovering, developing and unleashing hidden potential within our customers' workforce. By putting talent development in the center of our strategy, SumTotal helps unlock people's potential and gives them what they need to do their jobs better - while they're doing it. With over 45 million users, 17 million in the cloud, and over 3,500 customers worldwide, our people offer deep domain expertise for complex global deployments, and help small, high-growth companies scale. Through SumTotal's elixHR(tm) Platform, we offer pervasive access to talent applications, visibility across employee and business data and a seamless user experience. With SumTotal, talent is boundless.