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Docebo helps Media and Publishing Companies shifting from traditional classroom trainings to online learning programs

A brand new Docebo - Trinity Mirror case study explains how online learning technologies can help media & publishing Companies managing blended curricula including classroom based training, E-Learning, and mobile learning.

Docebo ( ) and Trinity Mirror ( present a best practice that syndicate the value of Learning Management Systems and how E-Learning can support quality and customized programs for learners across the UK.

Benefits of a cloud based LMS like Docebo mean that learners could reach their educational and informational resources anywhere, via the Internet, and from any device. For the Company, it means a tangible competitive advantage to support blended trainings.

“When we were faced with choosing a new e-learning provider, I had 4 headaches that I wanted to get rid of - forever! I wanted to make sure anyone irrespective of what equipment or browser they had could get access to e-learning. I wanted a system that would enable us to improve the quality of our content. I wanted to start to explore social learning and a system that helped us in this was helpful. I wanted my customers to have a positive experience and for everything to work smoothly”. stated Steve Tinniswood, Director of Learning and Development at Trinity Mirror. “Result so far? Headaches gone and I'm sleeping soundly!”.

For Trinity Mirror, Docebo made perfect sense because the UK based media and publishing Group had a well established Sales Academy: face to face training programs across the UK required to be reinforced and tracked by using a cloud based LMS. The Company also migrated to Google Apps and a SSO (Single Sign On) solution was high on the wish list for Company’s learners.

The complementary document can be downloaded from the Docebo’s website:

Eleanor Mante, E-Learning Development Manager at Trinity Mirror, will present this case study at DConf 2013 in the dedicated session “One Trinity Mirror, One LMS”.

For further information about DConf 2013: