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bsoco index Software Web Benchmark sheet
6966 pts
Xyleme, Inc
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6842 pts
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6717 pts
IBM Smarter Workforce
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6587 pts
e-doceo content manager LCMS
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6553 pts
eXact LCMS
eXact learning solutions
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Most recent votes

  • eXact LCMS
    « Excellent for mobile learning »
  • Atelier
    « It is possible to set benchmarks in flash to control events »
  • Easygenerator
    « It is the best eLearning authoring tool for Me! »
  • Lectora Online
    « I appreciate its very good compatibility with SCORM and AICC »
  • e-doceo content manager LCMS
    « Its ability to be simple to be handled by trainers as well as specialists like me »
  • eXact LCMS
    « Top TOP software for content strategy »
  • ViewlettBuider
    « The management of imports / exports of texts »
  • eLab
    « There are a lot of page templates and you can easily select them »
  • Composica
    « Import of PowerPoint and the ability to change the slides after import »
  • Content Point
    « Its project management features are very significant »

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The expert's advice

Choose your "authoring tool e-learning" through the bsoco "authoring tool" software comparison tool

Authoring tools are the luxury solutions available on the market to create asynchronous e-learning content. For the uninitiated, it is not easy to judge the effectiveness of each solution. Therefore our IT solutions comparison chart for e-learning software will help you make your choice.


How to choose your authoring software for e-learning?

Unlike the rapid learning, authoring tools can develop value-added educational content. They will allow users to script their e-learning paths according to complex pedagogical paths. For this design phase, these packages offer to edit storyboards. This software is also there to structure the different phases of the project. They become essential when e-learning design teams are growing or even when multinational corporations produce content in multiple languages simultaneously. Some software products are ergonomically well designed and easy to handle by the trainers. Others are further oriented towards multimedia specialists and only aim for productivity gains. Each of them meet the standards SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 and AICC or to be used in LMS. In the vast majority of cases, the files they generate is Flash (SWF). The best can take care of both basic rapid learning content and that of the production of serious games.


Our comparison chart for elearning authoring software will give you the satisfaction index of the end user community. Unlike software for rapid learning authoring tools which require putting in place processes and instructional approaches completely in phase with distance education.


Our authoring tool comparison chart will help you find your way by presenting the satisfaction index of the user community.