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7271 pts
SumTotal Learn
SumTotal Systems
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7211 pts
Cornerstone Learning
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7117 pts
Saba Learning Suite
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7099 pts
Kenexa LMS
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6954 pts
e-doceo learning manager LMS
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Most recent votes

  • KMX
    « Mobile Functions »
  • edmodo
    « The best learning community »
  • Atutor
    « A human-sized community »
  • SuccessFactors Learning
    « Exams plateau is efficient to treat certification problems »
  • SumTotal Learn
    « The off-line solution is perfect for our nomad learners »
  • SAP Enterprise Learning LMS
    « I think that integration into its own ERP is in fact its enormous strength »
  • Kenexa LMS
    « Very functional for social learning which allows us to really create practical communities »
  • Tactic LMS
    « Has a good command of blended learning »
    « It is an aesthetic product »
  • Opigno
    « Backed by the power of Drupal, Opigno is a powerful Open Source e-learning platform, that does everything you need out of the box such as course & role management, e-commerce (including subscriptions) and extensive lesson tools such as integration of video and audio. This is all backed by a first class online support forum and a great team. The software is being very actively developed with a clear roadmap that is published so that you can see what functionality is coming over the next few releases. »

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SumTotal systems.

The expert's advice

Choose your "lms e-learning" through the bsoco "lms" software comparison tool

E-learning platforms are key to building e-learning programs. It is therefore an indispensable tool for implementing projects in this attractive market. Our LMS comparison chart will help you make the right choice in this jungle of products.


How to choose your LMS?

To choose an e-learning platform, we must initially examine the scope of functions desired. A "Learning Management System” should help put online training content in compliance with SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 or AICC. It should also facilitate the distribution of courses (give the proper training course to the right person). It must also guarantee tracking, i.e. record the results of each user (score, time, responses, etc...). Finally, training platforms must not only communicate via forums, chats, FAQs, etc.. but also through web 2.0 networks of social learning.


The market for distance learning platforms offers a wide range of open source solutions that can be adapted to meet user expectations, but this often leads to instability and dependence on the integrator. While open source is widely used in academia, it is nevertheless rare in companies which focus on solutions for publishers. In this case, you can either use a multifunctional product that integrates management skills, or even a complete HRIS that integrates its own LMS. Or you can use a "best of breed" which will be more specialized and can interface with your HRIS. This strategic choice is up to you. You can choose an all-in-one solution or add dedicated software. Our LMS comparison chart allows you to measure user satisfaction of market solutions. In addition, integrating an LMS involves rethinking the organization of training and the education plan.


Our lms comparison chart will help you find your way by presenting the satisfaction index of the user community.


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