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Empathos Wins Gold Brandon Hall Award for Best Video Learning on the ExpertusONE LMS

Expertus announced today that customer Empathos, an eLearning solutions provider in the field of suicide prevention, won the prestigious Brandon Hall Group Gold Award in the “Best Use of Video for Learning” category. This is the seventh straight year that ExpertusONE or an ExpertusONE customer has been honored by the Brandon Hall Group for an innovative LMS application and/or technology.

The award-winning Empathos video eLearning course, “Managing Suicide Risk Collaboratively: The CAMS Framework”, is an evidence-based, suicide-specific clinical intervention program that has been shown through extensive research to effectively assess, treat and manage suicidal patients. “We chose to work with the brightest minds in suicide prevention, and assist in the transfer of science to service—that is, to move their evidence-based interventions from research journals to online videos where they could actually inform those in frontline practice,” Denise Pazur, Empathos’ Director of Strategic Partnerships, explained.

Prior to the Empathos online video course, clinicians wanting to learn the CAMS Framework could only attend in-person didactic training, which was inefficient and resource-intensive. “Seeing is believing. Data and case studies provide good info. But clinicians really need to see what you’re talking about,” Dr. David Jobes, CAMS’ developer and internationally esteemed suicidologist and clinician/researcher, said. “We were excited to do something different because clinicians can connect with video better. And if it’s done properly, it should yield better results than live training because of its affective engagement."

Key components of Empathos’ innovative video design and production included:

  • - A unique, real-life production to create a compelling ‘fly on the wall’ viewing experience
  • - Unscripted storytelling to boost learning retention and make the scenarios seem real
  • - Exceptional production value to create empathy
  • - Ongoing engagement activities to keep viewers’ attention and participation

To match their “gold standard” of video eLearning design, Empathos also wanted to ensure the best quality and capabilities for their program’s delivery. After reviewing several of the top learning management systems, Empathos chose the ExpertusONE LMS to run their video eLearning program because it had:

  • - An easy to use and access user interface
  • -Excellent scalability and global reach
  • - Video-friendly functionality
  • - Exceptional reporting

“Government and healthcare system funding is only available if behavior change can be shown,” Pazur said. “So it’s critical that our eLearning gets results, and that’s why we set out to measure this program rigorously.”

Working with Expertus, Empathos developed a comprehensive analytics program, including LMS-based reporting and university-based follow-up evaluations, to monitor their course’s success and ensure that it was “being done in the correct, most effective manner”.

“It took some work and planning to get to this point,” Pazur explained. “But one thing that made it easier was that our LMS provider (Expertus) actually worked with our university team to develop a reporting program that is best suited for our needs and end goals. So we’re all really excited about the capabilities of our LMS’ reporting.”

As for Empathos’ video eLearning program’s results, 81% of learners report that they plan to change their clinical approach and behavior based on the training.

“When you choose an ExpertusONE LMS, you’re not just getting the most modern and proficient learning platform available, you’re also getting a true partner that’s invested in your learning organization’s success,” Ramesh Ramani, Expertus’ CEO, said. “Empathos is a perfect example of the fruition of being an Expertus customer/partner. We couldn’t be happier for this award and their ongoing achievement.”

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