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Go-Lab project wins in the second round of the TELL US Award for innovative learning products

The TELL US Award supports the market launch of innovative learning technology products. The Go-Lab project with its online Portal is one of 16 finalists selected to take part in the Grand Final in Paris, July 2015

Go-Lab is a four-year research project by the European Commission which aims to create an interactive online platform for science teachers, providing them with access to stand-alone online labs, remote labs and knowledge databases. IMC's "Innovation Labs" project is closely linked to this innovative project and has made a key contribution to its overall success. IMC has also developed a tutoring platform featuring video sessions from experts designed to support and train teachers on how to use the Go-Lab platform and create their own interactive experiments. IMC also developed and maintains the Go-Lab Repository, which features a range of online and remote labs for teachers that are filterable by age and theme.

Participating in the innovative Go-Lab project enables IMC to build upon its existing capabilities in the development of online learning portals, apply the insights gained to future projects and integrate tried and tested platform content and components into its own products.

In the last twelve months, great advances have been made in the development and implementation of the Go-Lab project online laboratory portal. The number of remote and virtual laboratories available on the Go-Lab portal is likely to increase (more than 90 laboratories are currently available for use), and new learning applications as well as additional authoring tools have also been developed for school teachers. With more than 800 participating teachers and approximately 500 participating schools across Europe, the Go-Lab portal is well on its way to reaching the market.Last year the Go-Lab consortium submitted an application to the TELL US Awards (Technology Enhanced Learning Leading to Unique Stories), a two-year European Commission initiative tasked with organising a Europe-wide contest for enterprise, projects and individuals who have developed an innovative learning technology that shows promise for the future.

In April 2015, Go-Lab successfully passed the second round of the TELL US Awards and was one of 16 winners to take part in a workshop at the LINQ Conference in Brussels last week. It will also take part in the Grand Final of the TELL US Awards at Futur En Seine, a European digital technologies festival being held in Paris. Please join IMC in wishing Go-Lab all the very best of luck in the Grand Final and if you are attending Futur En Seine in Paris, do take the opportunity to pay us a visit!
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About IMC:
IMC AG is a leading international full service provider for learning and talent management systems, for individuals and standardised e-learning content and for authoring and publishing solutions. Multimedia and video productions, process guidance and compliance solutions are all integral parts of the IMC portfolio. Across the world, more than 1,000 customers place their trust in IMC AG - we have over 4 million users in companies, public institutions and training establishments within all sectors and of all sizes. Our products and solutions enable an integrated approach to the implementation of digital training strategy. On the MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) platform at, interested parties rangingfrom students to managers can benefit from free, publically available academic teaching. IMC AG also publishes "IM + io - the magazine for innovation, organisation and management".

The company has its headquarters in Saarbrücken and branches in Munich and Freiburg, as well as Australia (Melbourne), the United Kingdom (London), Austria (Graz), Romania (Sibiu), Switzerland (Zürich) and the USA (Phoenix). IMC is also represented by partner offices in numerous other countries.

Member of b.o.b. HR circle and Software-Cluster.

IMC Learning Suite offers truly tailored and comprehensive end-to-end training management and delivery on enterprise level. Enriched with gamification, compliance functionality and a bevy of other innovative features, IMCs LMS is both high functional and extremely easy to use. Tried and tested worldwide, the multi-award-winning solution offers custom-made e-learning that is easy to set up and manage. IMC Learning Suite helps you create efficient, customised training and development programmes for your staff, partners, suppliers and customers.

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