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7449 pts
Cornerstone Performance
Cornerstone OnDemand
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7230 pts
Workday Talent Management
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6990 pts
Haufe Group
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6951 pts
Talentsoft Performance & Competencies
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6951 pts
Oracle Talent Management
Oracle Taleo
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The expert's advice

Choose your "competency hr" through the bsoco "competency" software comparison tool

Looking for an IT solution that enhances the skills of your employees by managing their portfolio of skills? A software package that allows each member of your company to make his/her career plan? You also want to centralize control of the evaluation interviews, 360 ° assessments, etc…? There is no doubt about it, you are looking for a package of management skills and our comparison table of Talent management software will help.


How to choose your Competency management solution?

The competency management or talent management is a proactive and preventive management of human resources based on environmental constraints and strategic choices of the company. Known as the "Strategic Workforce Planning", its implementation is to assess the human resource needs in the short and medium terms, to analyze available resources, to measure the gap between this information and initiate appropriate actions. This market is divided between "pure player" of Competency management, ERP specialists who integrate HR functions and more recently e-learning actors. You will find open source solutions, very heavy "customizable" applications (custom development) or very customizable and configurable IT solutions. Whatever your choice is, the objective is to be better adaptable to the operation of your business.


Our competency comparison chart will help you find your way by presenting the satisfaction index of the user community.