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IMC Learning Solution on innovation course

IMC Learning Suite Innovation Pack 1 published

With the first enhancement of the Learning Suite 2013, IMC is offering innovations in the areas of MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses), Tailored Cloud, Trusted Data and Learning Analytics.

Social Networks, Mobile Computing, Analytics, Cloud Computing (SMAC): these four IT forces are changing the business processes of companies and fuelling innovations in the digital management of training processes.

IMC’s Innovation Pack 1 delivers expanded functionality for the Learning Suite 2013 (formally CLIX) first released in April 2013. Our open innovation strategy provides innovations developed in line with market led demands A completely new user-friendly learner interface based on REST (Representational State Transfer) has been developed and is being used for the first time on IMC’s MOOC platform, Open Course World.

Furthermore, Innovation Pack 1 contains innovations in the areas of Trusted Data, Tailored Cloud and Learning Analytics.


The free of charge, easy-to-access online courses are currently creating a lot of hype when it comes to the subject of MOOC. With IMC is providing the first German language MOOC platform fitted with a modern, reduced and responsive user interface, which displays all the MOOCrelevant learning processes from booking courses right through to informal learning and issuing a certificate. As of now IMC offers companies and public institutions the possibility of easily creating their own knowledge portals and learning applications according to the MOOC principle and so in terms of modern knowledge transfer provides direct access to information.

Tailored Cloud

Up to now an advantage of On-Premise solutions compared to Cloud or SaaS (software as a service) models has been the high degree of individualisation that goes hand in hand with setting up a system in its own infrastructure. Besides the adaptation of corporate design and wording, Tailored Cloud also allows clientspecific customisation of educational processes in the learning cloud. These new options are particularly valuable for companies who in turn wish to allow their customers or partners fast and convenient access to tailor-made educational processes and structures.

Trusted Data

Confidential handling of large quantities of sensitive, mostly personal data is extremely important when it comes to the management of educational processes, and at the same time poses great challenges for those responsible for further education with respect to the growing importance of information security and performance considerations on the one hand, and the need for documentation of processes for compliance fulfilment or quality management issues on the other.

The IMC Learning Suite 2013 ensures privacy and data protection, high system performance and the documentation and archiving of relevant information. At the press of a button colleagues are given a Learning Privacy Footprint for all data which is stored about them on the system, according to the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. This includes profile data, selfgenerated content or social media activities. The targeted deletion of unwanted or unnecessary data such as unfinished file uploads, already archived content or log files, is easily possible.

IMC supports the United Nations’ Global Compact principles: IMC´s Learning Suite 2013 permits the archiving of communication data, history or configuration changes. This frees up system capacity guaranteeing comprehensive sustained evidence of all status changes.

Learning Analytics

vOther graphically challenging reports, for instance for the dedicated learning process and workflow drill down analysis, and much more are available for Innovation Pack 1. A new time scaling feature allows flexible time settings for the analysis objects and reporting periods.

IMC Learning Suite 2013 customers profit additionally from further developments of mobile solutions, optimised search functions, additional browser support and easy video integration. Automated, dynamic messaging to students and management staff for instance about learning aims that were not achieved or the lack of course participants, guarantee the efficient flow of information and the adherence to compliance requirements. To verify identity, authentication may be requested prior to the completion of learning modules. The innovation cycles are becoming shorter and shorter, so that for 2014 there are already three more innovation packs being developed which focus on the support of assistive, analytical and predictive learning processes.

For further information please visit our website:

IMC Learning Suite offers truly tailored and comprehensive end-to-end training management and delivery on enterprise level. Enriched with gamification, compliance functionality and a bevy of other innovative features, IMCs LMS is both high functional and extremely easy to use. Tried and tested worldwide, the multi-award-winning solution offers custom-made e-learning that is easy to set up and manage. IMC Learning Suite helps you create efficient, customised training and development programmes for your staff, partners, suppliers and customers.

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