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Interview (Authoring tool): Thibaut Yven, BU Manager for Software & Content at ITycom

bsoco : To start, please describe your company’s business model.

Thibaut Yven : ITycom is dedicated to offer innovative digital learning solutions for clients and partners. Our three main offers are the following:
- Bespoke Learning: customers who have needs in digital learning and want to deploy specific and innovative learning sessions
- ITyStudio: our author license for Serious Games in 3D, allowing our customers and partners to create on their own innovative learning tools through Serious Games
- Learning modules on-shelf: on a various range of themes and issues, we provide ready-to-use content for learners who want to develop their skills. Each of our online modules have both e-learning and Serious Game content.

bsoco : It seems you have just acquired company Qoveo. Could you go into more details?

Thibaut Yven : Our decision to acquire Qoveo was motivated by two main reasons : enrich our solutions, and give us more market opportunities to strenghten our development. Qoveo was indeed a well-established e-learning specialist operating in France, Russia and North-Africa, with strong pedagogical skills along with great technical qualities. This acquisition has been a huge opportunity for us, allowing ITycom to capitalize on real added-value on-shelf solutions (including great well-known Serious Games on project management, quality, risk management, etc.) and to enlarge internal skills towards pedagogical approach.
Hence, this decision was right in terms of timing and relevancy.

bsoco : How the acquisation of Qoveo will change your offer ?

Thibaut Yven : By acquiring Qoveo, we will mainly enrich our on-shelf e-learning offer through various modules dediaced to risk management, project management, quality, etc. On top of that, with a stronger pedagogical expertise, we are now able to drive our clients to more relevant digital learning supports and experience, based on their needs.

bsoco : Where do you see your company in 5 years ?

Thibaut Yven : We will continue to develop our strengths and skills in Digital Learning, with strong positioning around expertise for Bespoke Learning solutions, and our author license for Serious Game for our customers. The aim is definitely to develop our products and services, with new funtionalities and new themes, along with a relevant international development, targeting markets where our expertise will be relevant.

bsoco : How would you describe your offer ITyStudio ? what is its real added-value VS other competitors?

Thibaut Yven : ITyStudio is the first author license for customers who want to create their own Serious Games in 3D, with very intuitive path and a full range of functionalities. This powerful tool makes available for the customer a various range of contexts and characters, immediately available for creating a really immersive digital experience, with limited costs and time to spent.

ITyStudio, first software author license for Serious Games and 3D simulations, allows you to create your own educational multimedia assets in an easy and intuitive way. ITyStudio does not require any technical background, and offers you a wide and up-to-date library of content, including characters and environments. You also have the ability to insert your own educational assets, created on others supports.

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