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Interview (Authoring tool): Thibaut Yven, BU Manager for Software & Content at ITycom

bsoco: You are a publisher who knew how to generalise serious games, especially by offering a simple and effective software-author. Could you tell us what is the interest to insert gaming into e-learning content ?

Thibaut Yven : Gaming into e-learning content enables learners to improve their skills faster and more efficiently, no matter the subject: being confronted with a game makes the exercise more pleasant, with a better perceived and integrated notion of challenge and difficulty. Nowadays, it is no longer conceivable to offer off-putting learning content to learners, particularly for vocational education: this ‘gamification’, that we notice on a variety of media and areas, drives us towards shorter formats, with more educational and interactive content. The ‘Play & learn’ adage has never been more relevant, and using this type of support is a perfect illustration.

bsoco: Do you think that nowadays all trainers are able to create serious games with tools like yours?

Thibaut Yven : Our software-author called ITyStudio, which allows our customers to create learning content based on 3D, is simple and intuitive. We already have a community of authors using our software regularly to create learning content with a various range of lengths and types of content. After a short period of adaptation that we can manage, all authors with a clear educational purpose are able to create their own modules through ITyStudio.

bsoco: When we speak about productivity, the question that everyone is wondering is how long does it take for a trainer to create an e-learning content from 25 to 30 minutes?

Thibaut Yven : For a 25’ Serious Game training content, with one hour of full experience (including all possibilities for the learner in terms of choices and processes), experience shows us that 10 days are enough for the author. This time includes module’s preparation, scripting, implementation in the tool, and then export to the delivery platform selected.

bsoco: What are the features in a software-author which really save production time?

Thibaut Yven : There are numerous features that allow the author to save time in the production of a Serious Game. First, the software architecture used: on ITyStudio, we drive our author to define as the first step the educational areas and associated feedbacks before beginning the construction of the screenplay tree, in order to save time. Thus, the author validates its objectives and avoids any untimely return once the creation begins.

We also have in our solution a menu to view all the different scenes’ texts and proposals as a whole: thus, any change in this component also directly update the content of your tree, dynamically! And you can also manage the translation of your module on this tab, with all editable text in a single location: time-saver!

Finally, adding animations, voices, cutscenes is done within a single tab with soundtrack / animation for each character, like movies. In this way, a simple drag-and-drop allows you to add all the items you want, where you want.

bsoco: What is the next orientation for your company in terms of innovation and features in order to improve productiveness? In this sense, what are the future projects for ITycom?

Thibaut Yven : Innovation is crucial for making our solutions evolve. In this way, we drive our efforts on two main axes for ITyStudio: evolution of features of the current product, by considering users’ experiences and our wishes for novelties, but also the medium-term development of our range of products.

For the first point, a new version of ITyStudio will be launched by mid-September, including many news on module’s core functionality, the screenplay tree. We wanted to make it even easier and more intuitive, to always offer more time and new experiences to our users. These innovative features will also be available for all users with a valid ITyStudio subscription at the time of this launch!

Regarding the second point, without betraying confidentiality on this sensitive topic, we want to make the 3D modules’ development always richer and easier.

The objective is to bring new solutions to our users on a continuous basis, whether they want to develop a training module for product demonstration, or have the objective to train their staff on the virtual manipulation of specific equipment... the future is full of possibilities!

bsoco: Thank you for your answers.

ITyStudio, first software author license for Serious Games and 3D simulations, allows you to create your own educational multimedia assets in an easy and intuitive way. ITyStudio does not require any technical background, and offers you a wide and up-to-date library of content, including characters and environments. You also have the ability to insert your own educational assets, created on others supports.

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