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Interview (e-learning): Julia Echeverria Moran, international Independant Consultant eLearning, Courses Design, Teaching, Management

bsoco: Julia, could you introduce yourself and your career? How would you define your professional philosophy?

Julia Echeverria Moran: International Independent Consultant. Educational Technology, E-Learning, Social Media, Gamification, NetWork. I am a senior professional, and I love my work, especially the field of research and teaching. I have worked as a teacher and courses design for many years. I am working on a project, with on how to attract teacher to the use of digital tools.

I have studied and work in Chile, United State, Italy, and Spain.

I have always do my job in the educational field because I firmly believe  that education helps us to human progress for the commons well

bsoco: Tell us three basic premises to the successful professional career.

Julia Echeverria Moran: There are so many that it 's hard to choose, but  I can say that any professional, by now, has to know that we live in a digital world.

So the use of right tools and research it is the clue to be a good professional, I am not going to say that perseverance, flexibility and more because we already know it.

In plus, remember and program their PLE and their PMS.

To know that technology is here to help us, that it not just fashion.

bsoco: What is your customer typology?

Julia Echeverria Moran: Since I was involved in teaching, my primary customer are companies, schools and any organization in general,  because what I do is to detect a problem and design a tailored course with digital tools choosing software and the methodology in teaching and learning.

When working us a teacher for Oracle University in Spain, they, at that time had to promote their b2b platform and software, and it use.

That was a great experience because the student (engineering) were so motivated to study.

bsoco: What e-learning trends are key? Blended or only online, a full and short way of training pills; participatory or not, the social-learning, the gamification…

Julia Echeverria Moran: Well, it all depends on the circumtances, I think that face to face clasess must go on but with the use of blended learning flipped classroom.

We can design a full course through a learning platform like Moodle, (the most use learning platform) for me right now, this is the one I use because improving it's version every year, never the less there are another platform that can be used, as I said depending on the circumstances, by now I have had some master degree and postgraduate like a Master degree in eLearning at the Salamanca University 100% online

Actually I am studying Educational Technology at MITx and, find out that we are so in advance that most of the professional, (not talking about young one), are afraid of using technology in their work, especially teacher, without them the world will never be digital if we do not teach how to became a digital citizenship so for me, it is so necessary to teach Digital skills in the University, coding since the first age at school and so on, but we are a lack of teacher with this skills.

bsoco: Thank you for your answers.