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Interview (e-learning): Maria Sandra Dominguez E-learning Project Manager of CAE

bsoco: CAE was founded in 1981. Could you describe your path from start-up to established company? What distinguishes you from the others in the market nowadays?

Maria Sandra Dominguez: We have been evolving for more than 35 years to adapt to the changes in the market. CAE, Computer Aided USA Corp., started its activity in 1981 dedicated to programming and teaching systems 32/34 IBM, General Data, etc. With the beginning of the PC era, we were in the forefront of the training of the moment being the first company to create teaching multimedia interactive computer courses.  From that time until today, leading companies have trained their employees and students with CAE’s educational solutions such as our Learning Management System and our Virtual Classrooms, all through our own developments. Since the beginning of this online era, the main training consultants have used our solutions to train their students.

Today our online educational platforms incorporate all those tools that cover the current needs of our users, also accompanied by a large catalogue of SCORM/AICC content in languages mainly, offering a complete e-learning solution to our customers.

Our Learning Management System currently supports over 500,000 students worldwide.

In summary our main features are: Experience, Innovative Technology, Interactive E-learning Content, unique Educational Environments, Quality and Warranty Solutions.

bsoco: What are the main features of your software? What do you guarantee to your customers?

Maria Sandra Dominguez: Quality and interactivity of our e-learning content, made with our own authoring tool that gives our customers the greater interactivity that exists in the market. At the same time we have also taken advantage of our experienced pioneers in online educational platform development, to create services that are integrated easily and intuitive for students, employees and teachers.

bsoco: Are there any traps that need to be avoided when starting an e-learning project?

Maria Sandra Dominguez: When starting a new e-learning project, it is important to identify the pedagogical and methodological requirements and the suitable human resources to run it earlier than dimensioning the technological requirements. An E-learning project must have quality and well-structured content, allow a progressive student learning, an educational environment that will help the student to use clearly all the resources available to complement the training, such as forums, virtual classrooms, additional activities, communities...

Is fundamental to avoid little or no interactive content and not allow flexible training for the student.  We must avoid unattractive and complicated environments to manage learning by students and teachers. A good platform for e-Learning must have integrated all resources, and facilitate the communication among users.

It is important that the E- learning platform allow Intergration of the follow up of the courses and also classes in person received by teacher, and that such information is collected automatically by the platform. Such Intergration of the platform along with Dexway Analytics is what allows success in E-learning by both the teacher and the students.

Companies should not implement an LMS without having cleared the users of the online educational platform, the different roles of the same functionality and tools that can be used to optimize the use of the platform, etc. It is also very important to establish a good training coordinator who knows how to manage the platform.

Starting a project e- learning is not a simple task, but it is a unique learning opportunity that provides large enterprises and educational organizations new opportunities for flexibility, growth and quality of training.

bsoco: I would like to know both the main differences but also similarities between the two your products. Could you describe it?

Maria Sandra Dominguez: Both platforms have been developed by our own team of programmers, and offer an exclusive quality and unique user experience. Both facilitates the implementation of in-person, blended and  online training, create customized courses under the SCORM / AICC standard, create your test under IMS / QTI standard, evaluation and follow through customized reports, upload unlimited courses and students, etc. The main difference between them are some additional educational services such as incorporating virtual classes for giving live classes, providing technical support, making presentations, online meetings and improving the internal and external communication; and also access to the community that fosters motivation and socialization resources while students can get in touch and share experiences through it.

bsoco: Let us know your news.

Maria Sandra Dominguez: We always plan thinking about the advantages we can offer our customers, improving learning environments and updating content so they can always have the most complete and updated solutions with the latest technology.

We recently created Dexway Analytics, an intelligent system that gives monitoring and evaluation in real time, which provides both students and tutors our integrated courses in our LMS, the specific vision and structured content studied, as individual progress or group. Dexway Analytics provides the teacher in details the goals that the student as an individual or group is accomplishing. In addition Dexway provides the teacher several exercises to reinforce the student’s goals.  

bsoco: Thank you for your answers.

Maria Sandra Dominguez E-learning Project Manager of CAE.

BA in Marketing & Business Administration. With additional studies in Tasis Hellenic, York Catholic. Starting experience with classroom training network following the change in the market until reaching e -learning. CAE Computer Aided USA Corp. with Headquarters in Dallas - Tx and Miami - Fl working with the US market & LATAM.


Verxact, the LMS (Learning Management System) software developed by Computer Aided E-learing, is a complete e-learning platform conceived to allow the integrated online, blended and face to face training of all your collaborators in different subsidiaries and brands; making the most of, and heightening, the synergies and developing skills in a specific way, thus leading to a more efficient and profitable management of training budgets.
Verxact platform allows creating training programs, incorporating SCORM courses from different providers as well as courses and own materials without having knowledge of computing.

It allows you to:

• Implement online, blended and face to face training proyects.
• Create customized courses under the SCORM / AICC standard using contents developed by the center from any format.
• Create your own test under IMS / QTI standard with multiple question formats.
• Evaluation and monitoring through customized reports.
• Raise unlimited courses to the platform.
• Unlimited students for courses.

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