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Interview (e-learning): Oliver Nussbaum, Managing Director of IMC Austria

bsoco: Could you describe your company's business model?

Oliver Nussbaum: Since it was founded in 1997, IMC AG internationally provides state of the art full service solutions for bespoke e-learning content, authoring and publishing, learning and talent management, as well as multimedia and video, business process guidance and compliance. Companies and public organisations of every size and from every industry, training providers and universities trust the many years of experience and sophisticated technologies of IMC.

The company has its headquarters in Saarbrücken, branches in Munich and Freiburg and subsidiaries in Australia (Melbourne), Great Britain (London), Austria (Graz), Romania (Sibiu), Switzerland (Zurich) and in the USA (Arizona). IMC is also represented with partner offices in numerous other countries.

bsoco: You are an experienced specialist in the field of e-learning, what kind of solutions do you offer to your customers?

Oliver Nussbaum: More than 1,000 customers are supported by IMC in the planning, development, implementation and execution of sophisticated human resources development and further training strategies with an extensive range of technology and services. With the IMC Learning Suite, the Talent Suite and the Compliance Suite, IMC provides a consistent approach to solving the implementation of comprehensive learning and talent management processes. The business process guidance solution offers users of diverse software context-sensitive assistance during their daily work and thus simplifies company-wide roll-outs of new applications in particular. The IMC Content Studio is used as a multifaceted approach to the creation of individual e-learning and mobile learning content. IMC e-learning content services round off the product portfolio. Interdisciplinary teams of experts work on developing standardised and customised media in close cooperation with customers from all over the world. On the MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) platform, interested parties from students through to managers benefit from free publically available academic teaching.


bsoco: Who exactly would your customers be?

Oliver Nussbaum: Today, IMC has more than 4 million users and over 1,000 customers all over the world. Our customers are companies and public organisations of every size and from every industry, training providers and universities.


bsoco: What development methodologies do you use? And what is the next step?

Oliver Nussbaum: IMC AG is today one of the leading full service providers in the field of digital learning and education. IMC’s slogan is “more than learning”, expressing that IMC aims to develop intuitive, easy-to-use solutions to transfer knowledge and help companies and education institutions to improve learning and training processes through the use of leading-edge and innovative digital learning technologies.


To fulfill this aim, IMC’s strategy is to deliver a broad, integrated product portfolio that comprises solutions for all major aspects of learning – from formal over informal, social and mobile learning. The development of the solutions are done with a clear customer-focus and based on a partnership with our clients. We have a strong software engineering competence that is aligned to current and future market requirements and developed in close collaboration with our clients. Our background is from a business process management approach in education and training, thus we aim to deliver process-oriented and integrated software solutions that make any kind of people development efficient and allow our clients to reduce costs or develop partners or employees efficiently. Our solutions can be integrated effectively into our client's infrastructure, as learning is an integrable part of the core business. Together with our global partners and with the help of our international research network we drive our ideas and visions internationally.


IMC’s product portfolio comprises solutions in the fields of learning and talent management, eLearning content, authoring and publishing, business process guidance and performance support as well as massive open online courses. IMC represents flexibility, customer- and process orientation and the efficient use of cloud technologies – however IMC also has a clear commitment to provide secure on promise solutions that can be customized, adapted and integrated according individual client needs. The strategy to offer SaaS as well as on premise in combination allows clients also to follow their internal IT policies combined with flexibility in the operation model. The partnership with Microsoft on a global basis for hosting and infrastructure (MS Azure) allows IMC in partnership to deploy, support and manage large-scaled applications with a worldwide availability and highest service level agreements.

bsoco: Thank you for your answers.

Content Studio is the eLearning authoring software for today’s mobile generation. Optimisation for mobile devices and usability are the top priorities. eLearning course content can be created in just a few minutes without any specific prior knowledge.
Content Studio presents very few barriers to beginners getting started and enables them to create their own media in no time at all.
The latest technology enables content created with Content Studio to be played back on most of today’s browsers.
Content is also available on all devices, including Windows PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, Android and Windows smartphones and tablets.
Naturally, content is SCORM-compatible and can thus be used on all conventional learning platforms.
“With IMC Content Studio we can now provide our contents to all global languages on every single device. That’s awesome for a global company like us.”
Bianca Häußler, GfK SE

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