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Interview (e-learning): Romain Gibert, Sales Manager of Maskott

 bsoco: Your company , as a start up has already a  great success behind, what are your secrets?

 Romain Gibert: There are no secrets to it, first of all the result of long and ambitious R&D development stage. 3 years thinking about the learning platform of tomorrow and 2016 proved us right with over 2,5 million users and still great things to come…

If in the past 2 years, the company experience this formidable growth and after 2016 a definitive landmark it’s just because we made strong choices in development and strategy. For example, we have insisted since the beginning on tactile and mobile devices as well as in the intuitive tools created.

We multiplied by 3 our efforts in one year, more people recruited and being recruited at this time, with new offices in Paris and Lyon. Our head-office is in Puy en Velay and our international office based in Porto.

bsoco:  How would you characterize your software solution?

 Romain Gibert: First thing on my mind: USER FRIENDLY! It also brakes some barriers in its approach, being ultra-intuitive, it offers a complete functional coverage allowing multiple usages in multiple terrains: to develop interactivity in training, to entertain in meetings and presentations, offering augmented remote and local training and most important with or without internet connection. Within our client base there are renowned schools that do their selection test with it and using real-time follow-up and there are more traditional users to whom Tactileo is used to create and share teaching content. As examples, we have universities and professional training in which trainers share 3D models of anatomy to teach osteopathy movements as well as the others presenting machine modules to train service and maintenance.

We offer a dedicated interface for Professional Training: Tactileo Pro. The advantages of our solution can be resumed in 3 main axes:

- Simple and intuitive from setup to everyday usage by learners and trainers;

- A complete functional coverage: one tool to create, access the database, share training sessions and follow-up on your results;

- Multi-device / Multi-OS (Screens, PC, Mac, Tablets, Smartphones), online or offline, remotely or local;

Another key element: competitive fees!

bsoco: How do you imagine  the future promotion of  e-learning?

 Romain Gibert: Instant and Mobile. We will consume training as we consume music and tv shows today. Today’s generation doesn’t by albums any more, they go on-line and they pay to listen or to watch their favorite show or artist.

Training professionals will have to adapt to this generation creating a mobile, instant and communitarian offer.

And then BIG DATA will be the innovation that will create profound changes in the approach offering a layer of Artificial Intelligence: Adaptive learning or adaptive pedagogic systems. Resuming it will allow the system to pedagogically adapt to each single learner needs and objectives.

We have decided to massively invest in this creating our own lab and associating to other partners in the cognitive sciences field. In 2017 Tactileo will offer adaptive curriculum to its users:

The individual curriculum will be generated with:

  • - The Pedagogical resources
  • - The learners profil: his base knowledge, his preferences, his aptitudes and his objectives.
  • - The learning model


We will be at the Consumer Electronics Show CES2017 in Vegas next January presenting that innovation.

bsoco: What trends do you currently see in the  e-learning sector?

 Romain Gibert: There are 3 growing:

- gamification in learning

- adaptive learning

- mobile learning

we are moving towards fun, individual and mobile training!


bsoco: What is your development strategy? And what are the next steps?

 Romain Gibert: 2017 will be the year of confirmation following a 2016 full of promises.

We will strongly focus on internationalization being present in several trade shows, translating the platform in several languages… we have as an objective to double our users. The new features to present in the upcoming weeks might by themselves secure the achievement of that objective.

bsoco: Thank you for your answers.


Sales Manager

Tactileo Pro, your intuitive learning platform for academic and professional training. Tactileo allows you to create interactive multimedia content, instantly share it on screen as well as on the learner’s tablets, smartphones or pcs. Tactileo is a unique tool to create and share multimedia content, to make your teaching sessions, your training and your local or remote meetings more appealing and dynamic, in an online or offline mode. Present, evaluate, pol, animate... Simulate your audience and improve your presentations!

The Tactileo Pro experience will save time, motivate and facilitate the interaction allowing to learn with cutting edge tools.

More than 2,5 millions users, why not you?

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> 13/12/2016 - Interview (e-learning): Romain Gibert, Sales Manager of Maskott