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Interview (e-learning) - Silvia Anabitarte, freelance consultant and bsoco awards jury member, answers our questions

bsoco : Silvia Anabitarte, could you please briefly introduce yourself for us ?

Silvia Anabitarte : As an e-learning consultant, I help organisations implement successful e-learning projects, I am a tutor and an instructional designer. I have also extensive experience in the design, coordination and management of postgraduate programs and corporate training.

bsoco : Can you please describe your area of specialization ?

Silvia Anabitarte : I specialize mostly in a planning and an implementation of projects for educational institutions, especially postgraduate. From the perspective of skills training, I seek to develop appropriate projects scalable to the needs of each client.

I combine e-learning methodology and tools (LMS and LCMS, authoring tools, etc.) with resources of web 2.0 and 3.0 to achieve not only the training of the participants, but also the creation of lifelong learning communities.

bsoco : What is the most important in your work ?

Silvia Anabitarte : The most important thing in any draft training particularly those mediated by technology is to ensure the interest of the participants. Collaborative learning is often characterized as a process of constructing shared knowledge. It is always important to bear in mind the human factor.

Students should take the leading role in their own learning, but they can not do it alone. Therefore my priority in any project is that involved people understand: e-learning does not mean the disappearance of the tutor in the teaching / learning process. On the contrary, we take care of all participants. This role can be more or less active, but can not be absent.

bsoco : You are one of the bsoco jury members. Could you describe your experience ?

Silvia Anabitarte : Yes, I was very pleased to be part of the bsoco awards 2013 jury and it was an interesting experience for me.

Many software solutions were analyzed. All of them according to objectives and benefits targeted to a particular segment of users. That´s why it was challenging for me to arrange them in a single order, in each category.

It was very interesting experience to analyze this great set of utilities and it will help me personally in the future to select the most appropriate solution for each project.

I appreciate the opportunity to be the jury member of the bsoco awards 2013.

bsoco : Thank you, Silvia !