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Interview (e-learning): Stephan Pineau, founder and CEO of Training Orchestra

bsoco: Training Orchestra was founded in 2001. Could you describe your path from start-up to mature company? What distinguishes you from the others on the market nowadays?

Stephan Pineau: We started our company on the simple observation that in 2001 the training processes were not optimized at all. Our first version of our training management software only addressed the corporate training departments, providing an intuitive system to build and monitor their training plan as well as schedule classes and track associated costs. As we matured, we understood that actually the whole training ecosystem had unmet expectations, thus we started to develop our software for training companies and corporate universities as well, pretty much like an ERP for training. This was a big change for us, but also the most rewarding now that as a result our solution is one of the most comprehensive on the market. As of today we fit perfectly in a more and more consolidated training industry with extended enterprises, where internal training departments, corporate universities and external training companies all tend to collaborate more and more seamlessly.


What makes us different is that first since the beginning our solution has always been full web, thus it was easy and natural for us to offer a SaaS model when the market was ready, and in the same logic today we thrive in staying ahead of technology. Second our people all come from the training industry, thus besides their inherent software knowledge their advanced expertise of the business also allows them to address organizational challenges and process optimization, with better visibility over concrete ROI for our clients. Lastly the international readiness of our solution which has been a strategic focus for a few years already now has enabled us to smoothly transform from a local leader to a worldwide reference.

bsoco: As an expert of training, what kind of advice would you give to someone who wants to start a project like this?


Stephan Pineau: Many items are to be checked before acquiring a training management software. First unless you like taking risks prefer relying on a leader with field proven solutions (standard not bespoke) and expert profiles. Do not hesitate to ask for a live demo / POC to evaluate the training management system in itself (its technology and user experience), moreover request client references to check support and maintenance quality. Of course make sure that your business organization (hierarchical structure, types of training, languages and currencies, etc.) can be integrated in the solution. Lastly balance all those aspects with the TCO based on flexible configurations and flat fee commitments, always keeping in mind the business ROI on the long term based on your own value oriented KPI!

bsoco: Who exactly would your customers be?


Stephan Pineau: So many different examples among our 250 clients.

World Flight Services (WFS) use our integrated solution for corporate and external training management. Their internal process involves forecasting and budgeting, while their external one is about sales and profitability. All the data is consolidated and shared (courses, resources, venues, etc.), so that for instance when an employee of WFS is trained by its external training business unit the forecast costs are synchronized with the sales automatically.

Same logic but in a more complex organization with Securitas, which counts more than 8 training companies for more than 200 agencies. A highly secured environment at Areva leader in the nuclear energy, with certified engineers monitoring. And a seamless integration in Capgemini IT environment, with its multiple interfaces enabling on demand self-services for the consultants.

All in all various experiences and challenges, with a common denominator regarding training management optimization: train more and better with less.

bsoco: Thank you for your answers.


Training Orchestra: Optimised Training Management
Training Orchestra is the European Leader in Integrated Training Management Solutions for training departments and training enterprises. Training Orchestra offers the widest range of Training Management solutions on the market.

Training Orchestra provides the following benefits:
A comprehensive and optimized management of your training process
An unmatched flexibility and adaptability
A seamless integration into your information system
A user friendly and simple interface designed to enhance productivity
The data sharing and key control indicators you need in real-time
A multilingual and multi-user cloud based solution

With over 250 satisfied customers including a number of major international companies (Areva, Canal, EADS…) and more than 0,5 million users, The Training Orchestra Solution has proved its efficiency.

It is part of the strategic and operational management of training activities:

Automatic budget forecast & analysis
Native legal compliance
Increased receivables turnover ratio
Customer loyalty & tracking
Administrative productivity
Optimized use of resources
Data reliability

Training Orchestra implements its solutions with remarkable speed, allowing you to benefit from its customers’ best practices. Available in SaaS, ASP or License mode, Training Orchestra offers flexible solutions, a quality service and a unique expertise.

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