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Interview (e-learning): Thomas de Praetere, CEO at Dokeos LMS | Compliance

bsoco: Could you please briefly introduce your company?

Thomas de Praetere: Dokeos is an effective Learning Management System designed for high-consequence industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, financial services and training centers. Dokeos E-learning Suite includes dedicated products like an FDA 21 CFR PART 11 compliance module, an Evaluation module to evaluate the performance of salesforce after the training or a MOOC module to help you publish rapidly large amounts of Video. Our customers tell us that we do not approach their projects from a technical perspective. Rather, we enter their way of thinking in terms of objectives and performance.

Dokeos, founded in 2004, is the leader in France and Europe on corporate learning management systems with more than 500 companies using it everyday.

bsoco: What are recent trends and future challenges in the area of e-learning?

Thomas de Praetere: Corporate companies discover that employees behave in e-learning systems just like they would in social networks : they crave for collaboration, interaction, social experiences. There is a mix of true collaboration to offer along with a subtle fragrance of competition. Competition has always been a touchy topic. You cannot oppose employees to one another. But you can challenge teams against one another. Or even lighter : you can invite an individual to compare his progress with the (anonymous) average progress of his colleagues under sentences like:

you did the training in 4 hours. Among your 260 colleagues, the average is 3h30. This means you are a lillte slow, but there is no doubt you can catch up!

bsoco: Who exactly would your customers be?

Thomas de Praetere: Dokeos is the leader in France and Europe on corporate learning management systems deployed in groups where there is a strong need for security, regulatory compliance or highly optimized processes. Pharmaceutical companies, Aviation, Logistics, Food industry, Automobile Industry, Retail and Distribution are typical candidates. Dokeos clients include field leaders like Alcon, Medtronic, Ipsen, Securitas, GDF Suez and Rosetta Stone.

bsoco: What development methodologies do you use?  And what is the next step?

Thomas de Praetere: In a world of social networking and interactions, Dokeos has proposed software innovation methods that all its competitors are now trying to imitate. Like : Not knowing your roadmap in advance, including your clients at each step of the development, customizing the client’s solution through a modular approach not to loose track of the core features. Today, most companies want to create value through a dedicated approach and a custom solution for the price of a standard software. That is why we see many leave their historic providers and join the dynamics of the Dokeos company and its “permanent revolution” approach. Thanks to this close connection with clients and trust relationship, Dokeos was the first to introduce features like badging, social coopetition (a mix of collaboration and competition), gamification, integrated training shop (e-commerce) or Artificial Intelligence integration.

bsoco: Thank you for the answers.



Dokeos is an open source online learning suite. It provides all the features needed for e-learning and blended learning management : From Authoring to Reporting.

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