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Interview (emailing) - Mathieu Tarnus, general manager at Sarbacane Software, answers our questions about its software

bsoco : Your company was founded in 2001. Could you describe your path from start-up to mature company. What does distinguish you from the others on the market nowadays ?

Mathieu Tarnus : The activity started in 2001 with GOTO Software, but the origin of the group dates back even further since it was created in 1982, at the beginning of computing. The latter has seen born and disappear many technologies, solutions and start-ups.

What distinguishes Sarbacane Software, as in all subsidiaries GOTO Software is the experience and pragmatism, true legacy of our group, facing the evolution of new technologies. It is also an insatiable passion for software and a lot of "reason" in our development strategy. Unlike the definition of a start-up, we never had recourse to external capital to become what we are and, achieve what we want to be.

bsoco : For whom do you make this software ? What benefits would your software bring to your customers ?

Mathieu Tarnus : Our job is to develop software and service "industrialized", not becoming service agency. We rely on a model of self-service, therefore our targets are primarily SMEs, worldwide. These appreciate use a tool with which they will be independent. We do our best and we challenge ourselves very often in question for our clients wishing sending a newsletter or a commercial offer to their clients and prospects. It’s important to offer the ability to do this simply and effectively.

bsoco : Are there any traps that need to be avoided when starting an emailing project ?

Mathieu Tarnus : The first step is the constitution of the database of email addresses. Too many companies only use purchased or leased bases for their emailing. We recommend working on the collection of emails in order to obtain emails by opt-in or double opt-in. In this way, the recipients actually want to receive messages. It’s better for the recipients, and for the performance and deliverability of your campaigns. Each company must monitor the impact of emailing campaigns on its reputation in order to have the best deliverability possible, that is to say, optimizing incoming messages in inboxes.

The absence of unsubscribe link inside the message, the HTML composition, the choice of sender name and subject ... There are many pitfalls to avoid and also tricks that work. We invite you to visit our blog on best practices emailing for more information.

bsoco : What development methodologies do you like to use in the future ?

Mathieu Tarnus : It took many years for our group to understand that the generation of value was in perseverance and obstinacy. When you believe in a product or service, it’s crucial to work on it to improve and capitalize on every step. Never forsake, success in our business is unlimited, we can always do better and go further. Conversely, we can quickly fall into oblivion, the slightest relaxation or dispersal, we have to know that the others won’t stop, continue to innovate and take our place. It is in this spirit that we work and innovate at Sarbacane.

Finally we are still too "French", only 10-15% of our sales are generated outside of France. We need to expand internationally. We are working on several tracks simultaneously to make of Sarbacane Software a global player.

bsoco : Good luck !

« Sarbacane Desktop, l’emailing tout simplement

En 2014, Sarbacane Software a sorti la nouvelle version de son logiciel, Sarbacane Desktop.

Dotée d’une nouvelle interface intuitive et d’une navigation ultra-fluide, la 4e génération du logiciel accompagne les entreprises pas à pas dans la création et la gestion de campagnes emailing en s’affranchissant des contraintes techniques et informatiques. Ainsi, les TPE-PME peuvent en toute simplicité utiliser l’email marketing pour communiquer avec leurs clients et mesurer l’impact des campagnes.

L’email est réactif, mesurable, économique, direct et seule solution de marketing push en ligne, aucune TPE-PME ne devrait s’en priver. Adapté à leurs besoins, Sarbacane Desktop est un logiciel puissant et intuitif, qui fait de ses utilisateurs de véritables experts.

Focus sur les nouvelles fonctionnalités

Un analyseur et correcteur d’emails : Sarbacane Desktop détecte et corrige les adresses emails mal orthographiées pour les rendre fonctionnelles. Exemple : devient
L’EmailBuilder : le nouvel éditeur graphique permet de glisser et déposer des blocs de texte ou des photos pour mettre en page facilement et simplement sa newsletter.
Plus de 1 000 photos et des modèles de mise en page sont disponibles gratuitement pour illustrer les emailings.

Le routage des campagnes : Sarbacane envoie les campagnes emailing via sa propre plateforme de routage. Celle-ci utilise la technologie « Dynamic IP routing » permettant l’attribution des meilleures adresses IP disponibles pour une délivrabilité optimale.

Les statistiques : Les ouvertures, clics, NPAI, désabonnement, mais encore la viralité du message sur les réseaux sociaux, le taux de lecture, le geotracking mondial… Le logiciel propose des statistiques détaillés et inédites.

Le Cloud : cette fonctionnalité permet de sauvegarder les données du logiciel en toute sécurité pour les retrouver sur plusieurs ordinateurs.

Le CloudPro : cette offre permet de partager et de synchroniser les données du compte Sarbacane Desktop avec plusieurs utilisateurs. »

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> 03/01/2013 - Interview (emailing) - Mathieu Tarnus, general manager at Sarbacane Software, answers our questions about its software