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Interview (ERP): Daniel Abad, CEO de Neurafy Corp

bsoco: What is it Neurafy? Could you introduce briefly this product?
Dani Abad: Neurafy is a cloud based technology that allows companies to interact with clients or employees using artificial intelligence. With Neurafy, companies can build custom chatbots that can connect to their database in order to assist users with a variety of customizable tasks such as scheduling appointments or making purchases. 
bsoco: What benefits would Neurafy bring to your customers?
Dani Abad: Neurafy helps improve productivity for companies by decreasing customer support calls and making data more easily accessible. Many clients prefer the convenience of chatting via text instead of calling and being placed on hold. This makes businesses more accessible for users, facilitating 24/7 customer service from anywhere. 
bsoco: What kinds of companies do you focused?
Dani Abad: A Neurafy chatbot can really be used by any company that does business online or provides customer service for clients. The chatbot can complete tasks as simple as providing business information like hours or locations. However, it is most impressive when connected to a company's database to answer complex and specific questions, complete tasks, send links or documents, and more. 
bsoco: What a new client needs to know and what is required to implement this project ?
Dani Abad: New clients need to know that implementing a Neurafy chatbot isn't too difficult and is definitely worth the effort. Chatbots are the future of customer service and companies must strive to be present wherever users are. At this time, it happens to be that users are mostly on messaging apps and social media networks where messaging is also incorporated. 
bsoco: Thank you for the answers.

Native web 3 layers by browser solution can be accessed from anywhere. It does not require expensive hardware solutions or large IT infrastructures. It can be on-premise "in house / intranet" (in its own data center) or "in cloud / internet." On our datacenters. Designed to any complexity of modern business organizations, provides as output, better adaptation to the requirements of the company.

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