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Interview (ERP): Daniel Abad, CEO of GAM-C, S.A.

bsoco: You already exist for a decade. What are your features now?

Daniel Abad: One of our best features is that even though we have been in the market for 25 years we start from scratch every time that a technological change appears. It’s the best way to optimize operation as we grant that the customer gets the best product. The experience accumulates in each change, we learn from our mistakes to improve. We know that our customer want peace, so that’s why we think it’s important to start over again to do things great from the beginning.


bsoco:  Are there any pitfalls to avoid when an ERP project starts?

Daniel Abad: Yes, there are many traps that we need to prevent, the most important is to know how to change and do it at the time needed. The technology goes on and the software goes with it, it’s useless to have the best product if this one is outdated. Knowing the time for invest in new developments is essential for the success in this area. The analysis as tendencies as actual need from the market are two important items to bear in mind, it is necessary to predict which technology would finally be as standard, so we are investing in a product that will have market to be in.

bsoco: What do you offer to your customers? Could you specify your strengths?

Daniel Abad: We offer a complete solution, adapted to the latest technologies and that responds as a local application, which gives as great backgrounds from our clients. Really intuitive and easy to use. Also our success lives in the treat with our customers, some of them have been with us from the beginning of the company, others are more recent but all of them welcome being treat as part of the company, where their problems are ours too. Peace is shared too, the peace live in the relationship between customer and supplier, not in the product price.


bsoco: Could you describe GAMC focus in 2015?

Daniel Abad: Actually we are in a growth moment, where the focus of the company is Latin America where we are beginning to strengthen.

We don’t have a present client target, our solutions cover from the biggest companies to SME’s. It’s in these lasts that we want to improve our presence. The actual technology brings us the opportunity to offer a really full product that also menas a cost reduction for our customers.


bsoco: Thank you for your answers.


Native web 3 layers by browser solution can be accessed from anywhere. It does not require expensive hardware solutions or large IT infrastructures. It can be on-premise "in house / intranet" (in its own data center) or "in cloud / internet." On our datacenters. Designed to any complexity of modern business organizations, provides as output, better adaptation to the requirements of the company.

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