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Interview - Germán Piñeiro, freelance and one of bsoco awards jury membre, answers our questions

bsoco : Could you please briefly introduce Germán Piñeiro?

Germán Piñeiro : I've been a marketing consultor for over 15 years and now I'm CEO of Iniciativas Virtuales. My career has always been tied to specialized training in business management and couldn't be otherwise.

After working for many marketing departments of important brands and international companies, I decided to create my own company in order to be able to work for more than one project simultaneously and continue developing myself professionaly.

From Iniciativas Virtuales, our digital marketing agency, we offer professional marketing and communication services for brands and companies.

bsoco : What is your specialization?

Germán Piñeiro : Within marketing, my specialization is strategy in the online field. Just analizing goals and the resources of the company or project, I'm able to stablish the route that must be followed to achieve them and, in this way, also stablish the tools needed for the marketing plan: SEO, marketing contents, affiliation, SEM, social media, PR...etc.

bsoco : Your scope is very wide. What is the most important for you in your job / your specialization?

Germán Piñeiro : The most important point is making a good analysis of the situation and, afterwards, to define the real goals. This is the only way to have success and to hit the correct strategy plan to follow with the needed tools.

The specialization within marketing is important, but so is having the capability for a global vision of the project in order to shape a business plan or a marketing plan and also to let specialists perform their daily work.

bsoco : You are one of members of the bsoco jury. Could you recapitulate your experience?

Germán Piñeiro : To be part of the jury of Bsoco Awards is, apart from an honor, a huge responsibility that I assume proudly.

The projects and tools that take part of this contest are of such an excellent quality that make difficult to define the score for each tool because, in some cases, depends on the use it may be given in terms of the project to which they are intended.

Because of my work and my professional career, I have had the pleasure of using many of these tools that are nowadays really advanced.

The global applications industry is highly fragmented and rankings like this Bsoco one are really helpful for companies and entrepreneurs when deciding which tool will be more interesting and effective for their project.

Thanks for the interview and for inviting me to be part of the jury of Bsoco Awards.

bsoco : Thank you for the interview, too, Germán.