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Interview (HR): Jean-Christophe Cicile, Director of sales & marketing for Altays

bsoco: How does Altays fit into the world of HR today?

Jean-Christophe Cicile: Altays provides The digital suite for HR. We team up with our clients to deliver solutions.

In the world of HR going more and more digital, Altays is a leading and innovative software vendor delivering a comprehensive suite covering all functional aspects required by HR organisations and processes.

Our key values are articulated around quality, communication and innovation.

Leveraging an expertise of 18 years and engagements with over 300 clients in the software industry for HR, Altays Suite is an intuitive, easy-to-use and innovative HR portal which covers for the 3 HR areas:

  • - Recruitment & Internal mobility
  • - Skills, Talent & Performance
  • - HR Document Management


bsoco: What are the main features of your software? What do you guarantee to your customers?

Jean-Christophe Cicile: ALTAYS Suite enables efficient and seamless management of recruiting and internal mobility processes (job offers and applications made easy, publication on multiple job boards, tracking of interns, corporate brand promotion...) and complementary solutions (mobile app, Job Fait management software). We help our customers to hire the best candidates using the most powerful tools while lowering significantly the recruiting cost.

ALTAYS Suite also enables efficient talent management through annual and professional appraisals, talent review, compensation processes and more. We help our customers to better manage, improve skills, motivate and retain employees.

Furthermore, ALTAYS Suite also provides a unique solution for HR document management, a unique combination of portal and secured repository for HR departments and employees!

Above all, Altays delivers easy-to-use solutions to secure fast adoption together with advanced analytics and reporting capabilities to facilitate decision-making and accelerate processes. Altays brings a team of experts in solution rollout but also in HR processes to make sure the solution we deliver actually reflects your processes.

bsoco: Are there any traps that need to be avoided when starting a HR  project?

Jean-Christophe Cicile: As part of your selection process, you will primarily focus, for good reasons, on functional aspects and acquisition cost.

However, it will be important to consider the following aspects as criteria – aspects that are often neglected during the initial selection process of such solutions:

  • - An HR software solution must be easy-to-use and intuitive. This means an easy rollout; new users can get up to speed extremely quickly. Recurring training sessions are not required.
  • - You receive expert advice throughout your project and set-up. Make sure you are dealing with experts in software but also in HR processes, that they master the industry best practices. They will deliver a solution that reflects and optimizes your processes.
  • - The chosen solution matches your processes and not the other way around and can also reflect your corporate brand
  • - The solution you consider will be powerful enough to process huge flows of data but will be flexible enough to manage to optimize your corporate image.
  • - The software vendor is committed to delivering complementary solutions to support advanced trends (mobility, accessibility, responsiveness, etc.) through companion apps and/or partnerships allowing for the delivery of state-of-the-art solutions.
  • - The chosen recruiting solution is a component natively integrated into a comprehensive HR software suite to facilitate incremental steps but also process mutualisation.

bsoco: Thank you for your answers.

Altays, éditeur de logiciels RH depuis plus de 18 ans, lance sa suite RH innovante et intuitive qui couvre les trois grands domaines RH :

- Le Recrutement & la Mobilité
- Les Compétences & les Performances
- Les Relations Sociales & le Réglementaire

La suite ALTAYS fournit la couverture fonctionnelle la plus étendue du marché pour simplifier et accélérer les processus de Recrutement et de Mobilité (gestion des offres et des candidatures, multidiffusion intégrée, promotion de la marque employeur, suivi des alternants et stagiaires, technologie big data, …)
La suite ALTAYS digitalise la mise en place des entretiens professionnels et des entretiens annuels, l’évaluation des compétences et de la performance, ainsi que les processus de révisions salariales.
La suite ALTAYS est également la solution de référence sur le domaine de la Base de Données Economiques et Sociales (BDES).
Les solutions Altays sont pensées par des experts RH et des ergonomes afin de répondre efficacement aux problématiques de digitalisation des processus RH. Ces solutions innovantes se singularisent par leur haut niveau de réponse fonctionnelle et leur dimension à la fois ludique et intuitive favorisant une adoption rapide et durable.

Altays propose les produits suivants :

Recrutement & mobilité

Compétences & Performances
7. ALTAYS 360°

Relations sociales & Réglementaire

Altays accompagne plus de 250 clients dont les sociétés les plus prestigieuses : EDF, LVMH, SNCF, Auchan, Michelin, Engie, Mercedes-Benz, Disney, Air Liquide, Crédit Agricole, Adecco...

Points forts :
- Des solutions si intuitives qu’elles ne nécessitent pas de formation
- La couverture fonctionnelle Recrutement & Mobilité la plus complète du marché !
- Laissez vos RH se concentrer sur les tâches à forte valeur ajoutée !

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> 09/03/2017 - Interview (HR): Jean-Christophe Cicile, Director of sales & marketing for Altays