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Management - the interest of the market

Discover the software comparator of IT solutions for management, ERP and accounting.

Good management remains the key to the company's safe. Thus, IT solutions which support the management are also key. Find the package which will accompany the management of your activity in the long run and thus be a great component of your company's life.

management software comparison

How to choose your ERP and thus your accounting software?

The bsoco package comparison tool is ideal to help you in your search for management solutions.

For both ERP and accounting software, the strategies applicable to enterprises which look into integrating, evolving or replacing their management IT systems to face the growth of the business, rationalize their internal process and the exploitation of technological innovations are:
- The precise identification of needs
- Listening to users (return experience)
- Strategic co-existence

As for the definition of the precise parameter of your needs, it involves an exercise which is cumbersome so it is best to do it yourself. For return on experience, you just have to study the comparison chart of ERP software and our comparison chart of accounting software. Finally for strategic co-existence, our site also provides a directory of consultants in the ERP field and a directory of consultants in the field of accounting software.


The latest management software press releases

04/04/2017 - Interview (ERP): Daniel Abad, CEO de Neurafy Corp


bsoco: What is it Neurafy? Could you introduce briefly this product?   Dani Abad: Neurafy is a cloud based technology that allows [...]

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02/01/2017 - Interview (EPM): Kai Kršmer, a Senior consultant at Genius Project


bsoco: What do you consider as “revolutionary” in the field of EPM now? Kai Krämer: I would say the fact that processes are changing a lot and everything is [...]

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07/12/2016 - Epicor Launches New Partner Program in EMEA and APAC


Plans to Double Channel-Generated Revenue by Improving Channel Enablement and Recruiting Partners Epicor Software Corporation, a global provider of industry-specific enterprise software to promote business growth today announced the [...]

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31/10/2016 - Epicor Announces Partner Program Award Winners Worldwide


Partners Recognized for Leveraging Epicor Solutions to Help Companies Grow and Transform Their Business Epicor Software Corporation, a global provider of industry-specific enterprise software to promote business growth, announced [...]

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25/10/2016 - AG announces their partnership with the-The Social Project Managerís Toolkit-conference AG announced its partnership with Tailwind Project Solutions and their project management event "The Social Project Manager’s Toolkit” in London on December 1st, 2016. AG is the maker [...]

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21/10/2016 - Project collaboration. From email to writing posts


Genius Live! is Genius Project’s social collaboration platform. With Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, the millennium has witnessed the development of social networks in the private sphere. And now, observers [...]

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03/10/2016 - Interview (ERP): Ashvini Danigond, Founder & CEO of Manorama Infosolutions


bsoco: Could you please briefly  introduce your company? Ashvini Danigond: Manorama Infosolutions is a Pioneer for Integrated IT Solutions, serving the Global Healthcare Industry. Backed with strong team resources and [...]

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22/07/2016 - Projects donít take vacations. But you do!


Projects might not take vacations, but for the most part, project teams agree on taking a summer break. Genius Project offers some tips for going on holidays. With Genius [...]

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29/06/2016 - Genius Project is organizing a live webinar about project management


Genius Project is organizing a live webinar about project management and the implementation of standardized processes in organizations. Genius Project’s live webinar, July 5th at 3pm CET / 9am [...]

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19/05/2016 - 5 Ways To Help Your Business Grow With Technology:


businesses must constantly adapt in order to not get left behind. Don’t lose sales because of the ongoing technological revolution, take advantage of it and use it to help your [...]

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