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Meta4 grows 13% in its line of cloud solutions and increases profits by 44% over last year

Meta4, a world-class leader for human and intellectual capital management (HICM) announces the results for the last financial year which positions it as one of the main providers for payroll and HR management. At year end 2013, the Spanish multinational had revenues of 54 million euros worldwide, remaining stable as compared to the previous year.

The highlight of the last financial year was the notable profit growth the company experienced, thanks to the growth in their line of cloud solutions for payroll and HR management, which grew 44% in operating income, attaining 2.9 million euros.

According to Carlos Pardo, Managing Director ofMeta4, “The market demand for cloud solutions is here to stay, not only because of cost savings, but also the constantly evolving functionalities and technology delivered to organizations. This is well backed by the double digit growth seen in this area of business, as also in the big jump in our profitability.”

Cloud solutions, the main driver of the company’s growth

The Meta4 line of cloud solutions which already represents 25% of the total revenue of the company, has recorded a 13% increase across the group, transforming this business area into the main driver for growth in 2013. In the Spanish market, cloud solutions recorded an even higher rise, achieving 20% growth.

About the standard cloud solutions for payroll and personnel administration of the company, it is worth mentioning the strong growth Meta4 has undergone in its line of HR solutions with a 40% increase. This bears testimony to the large role talent management policies have gained in organizations in recent years.

Last year many companies worldwide chose Meta4 PeopleNet Cloud for managing their HR; a cloud solution that enables all kinds of organizations access to technology solutions offering high performance, maximum security at a small cost.

Among these companies of note are: Digitex, a multinational group leading technology outsourcing services with more than 15,000 employees across 7 countries: Spain, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, El Salvador, Peru and Guatemala. The leading manufacturer of meat products Viscofán, present in more than 100 countries worldwide and with a workforce averaging 4,000 people distributed in 14 countries. Nalco, a leading global company in water, hygiene and energy technologies and services with almost 4,000 employees located in Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia and Chile. Tecna, a global engineering and construction company for the global gas, petrol and nuclear energy markets, with 1,000 employees in Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Spain. All these companies chose the multi-client Meta4 cloud platform for HR management.

“The constant evolution of our line of cloud solutions delivering companies vast added value in the payroll, personnel administration and HR fields consolidate Meta4 in this market. Our reliability and high capacity for execution are guarantees for success today for any company requiring efficient HR management,”pointed out Carlos Pardo, Managing Director of Meta4.

International Presence

On the international forecast Meta4 exports its technology around the world, and with presence in more than 100 countries, it is worth mentioning that 60% of earnings come from abroad. 35% of revenue comes from Europe and 25% the Americas. Some companies choosing Meta4 solutions in this region include the Auditoría General de la Nación in Argentina, Grupo Siglo or San Antonio Internacional Sucursal in Colombia, Berrymex and Chevez Ruiz Zamarripa in Mexico, or Rockwood Lithium in Chile.

Of the new European clients selecting Meta4 solutions, significant key accounts include companies like Logista, Kiko and Dipa Cemoi in France, Wayfield Trading International in Portugal, or Talisman Sinopec Energy UK, an oil and gas exploration and production company, based in the United Kingdom operating in the North Sea and with more than 1,500 employees.

Meta4 PeopleNet is completely flexible for companies who want to design their own organization model with the tools provided and view the organization based on the way their work is structured. The solution offers total flexibility for designing the organizational model, setting up hierarchical and functional relationships between different members of work groups and dynamically reflecting changes in the way the organization evolves. The solution also enables access to service providers who maintain business activity with the organization. It allows you to enter information on external entities.

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