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New training management system - 7 need triggers

Training is training, and whether you manage in-house training or your organisation sells training, the way you manage the administration surrounding courses often takes a poor second place to the actual course content. 

Crazy isn’t it, when investment in a training management system can dramatically improve your business and the operation of your organisation by removing error, streamlining processes, reducing costs and contributing to competitive advantage.  Unfortunately many organisations still use a combination of manual and existing systems, or in many cases software solutions that only part automate and create gaps in their processes.

Identifying the need for a training management system  

Here are 7 triggers – do any describe your business?

1. Manual administration and activities are rising - Your business is growing and administration is becoming overwhelming and stifling progression. Software will automate tasks, freeing up time to focus on growing or consolidating your business.

2. Work is duplicated - Businesses have unique processes that often require multiple systems to operate e-commerce websites, procurement, finance etc.  Dispersed data however can significantly hinder your ability to collect, compile, share, analyse and report on important information in a timely manner.

3. You’re adjusting business processes to suit your software - For some organisations it’s unavoidable that you need software to do something that it doesn’t do by default. Bending business operations to suit off-the-shelf software restrictions is not a sustainable strategy.

4. Performance issues - Entry-level software usually has a limit to the amount of information it will store and process. Where a decrease in performance is experienced, there is a possibility your organisation is exceeding the limits of your current solution.

5. Users are bypassing the system - Once employees begin to perform tasks outside of the system because the software cannot accommodate their needs, your organisation is moving towards isolated information and duplication leading to inaccuracies and inconsistencies.

6. Your software is outright purchased and more than 3 years old - Age doesn’t matter if your system is cloud based and regularly updated, but if it isn’t you could be missing out on some impressive new features and functionality.

7. Cost - Your current system may no longer be a cost-effective solution, or it’s so outdated that you can procure an alternative more appropriate system at the same or less cost.

I could probably think of more, but I think you get the picture!  Any one of these reasons can trigger the need to seriously consider an all in one system to run your training administration.   And if you want to explore some of the advantages of automation download our free whitepaper.