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SkillCatch wins gold at the Brandon Hall Excellence Awards

Ellicom is proud to announce that its long-time partner e-doceo recently won a gold award for its new application SkillCatch in the “Best Advance in Mobile Learning Technology” category. E-doceo was granted this honour at the Brandon Hall Excellence Awards, the most prestigious awards program in the training industry. This award, which acknowledges the best mobile tool for pedagogical efficiency and innovation, confirms e-doceo’s position as leader in the e-learning industry and its commitment to remaining an influential player on the social and mobile learning market. The Brandon Hall Excellence Awards recognizes the world’s best organizations for creating exceptional programs, modules, processes, or systems that are distinctive and contribute to the advancement of learning methods.

Ellicom is honoured to have contributed to its partner’s expansion into the Canadian market. Earlier this year we announced that e-doceo—e-learning software publisher and privileged partner since 2006—was establishing a new business structure in Quebec. This new approach will help the company have a greater presence on the national stage, offer its North American clients better service, and help the company become the Canadian reference for online training solutions.

Lastly, we would like to congratulate e-doceo on its accomplishments and thank the teams that contributed in any way to SkillCatch’s success!

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