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The free software directory and the index of comparison of the software bsoco allow you to identify the level of satisfaction of the users of each of the listed applications.

You can consult the free sheets after creating an account on the site.

When you will yourself answer a questionnaire for the package, you can then consult unlimited fact sheets. If you haven't answered even one of the bsoco investigations, you will then only be able to access 30 free sheets.


bsoco index Price Software Web Benchmark sheet
3495 pts
$ TurboCASH
www I consult I vote
WBR* WBR* QuickBooks
www Not available* I vote

*WBR = Without bsoco Rank : bsoco does not contain enough information on this software to evaluate it.



The benchmark sheets are paid.

To facilitate your reading, please note that:
. From 6 000 pts to 10 000 pts = Excellent high level software perfectly meeting the expectations of users
. From 4 000 pts to 6 000 pts = Good level software, correctly meeting needs
. From 3 000 pts to 4 000 pts = Average software not perfectly meeting the expectations of users
. Less than 3 000 pts = Faulting software and not adapted to the category in which it has been declared

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