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Spreadsheets are STILL the most popular tool for training companies






 As a training management software house I’m always keen on any valid research undertaken with training businesses which identify what triggers the need to streamline business processes. Software Advice, a software selection and review website, talked to 385 companies searching for a learning management system LMS. The research is really interesting although there were no real surprises, particularly on how many companies still rely on standalone spreadsheets! Here are some of the key findings:-

3 Key Findings from LMS prospective buyers:

1. Over one-third of all prospective buyers (36 percent) were using manual methods to train their employees when we spoke to them in 2013.

2. For buyers who were already using an LMS, the most common reason for wanting to replace existing software was a need for more advanced functionality.

3. Meanwhile, most buyers wanted to replace manual training methods with an LMS in order to improve efficiency.

Most Buyers Using Manual Training Methods
36 percent of prospective buyers were using manual methods to train their employees—meaning they were conducting in-person training sessions, and using paper and pen (or Excel spreadsheets) to track course completion rates. Another 10 percent noted they had no training system in place whatsoever. Meanwhile, approximately one-third (32 percent) of participants said they already had an LMS in place.

Software-Advice-LMS-BuyerView-06-730566-editedExisting Software Users Seeking More Functionality
Current LMS users most often cited a need for more features and functionality as their reason for seeking a new system. The next most common reason, unhappiness with their existing software was often due to their system was too complex or confusing for employees to use effectively.


First-Time Buyers Looking to Improve Efficiency
While LMS users were seeking a system with more features and functionality, by far the most common reason first-time LMS buyers gave for replacing manual methods was to improve efficiency. Many noted they were spending an inordinate amount of time tracking trainings on paper or in Excel spreadsheets, and were looking to streamline the process with specialized software.



If you would like to access the full report click to download, and if you are currently considering an LMS or training management system, download our free buying software guide.