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Successful E-Learning Approach within the Norwegian Public Healthcare system administration - Docebo Case Study

By adopting the Docebo E-Learning Platform, the Nordland Hospital Trust has dramatically increased the quality of content delivered, leveraging a mature LMS designed for large and complex organizations.

Naples - September 04, 2013 - Docebo ( shares a new customer case study featuring Helse Nord RHF ( about a new E-Learning success story within the Norwegian Public Healtcare system administration (Norwegian Hospitals).

Benefits of a cloud based LMS like Docebo mean that Large and complex Organizations such as Hospitals can take full advantage of “out of the box” solutions, that require basic customizations with little or no development efforts needed.

The Docebo solution, which is a unique suite, fully flexible and scalable, is a tangible asset to support Public Healthcare training initiatives, preparing professionals as well as patients.

Hilde Rolandsen, Director at Northern Norway Regional Health Authority (Helse Nord RHF) affirms that "Through cooperation and joint development of e-learning programs we can secure an uniform practice in all our Hospital Trusts. In addition we now get documentation of the internally run training. E-learning will become important when we strive towards a more systematically training and competency development for our professionals. In a longterm perspective, e-learning will be used to build quality in our hospital trusts”.

During 2013 the Docebo solution will be extended to the whole Region, and increase the user base; adding up to 12,500 users, spread across five hospital trusts, and locations covering the whole of North Norway.

The complementary Case Study can be downloaded from the Docebo’s website:

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About Helse Nord RHF:

Nordland Hospital trust is headquartered in Bodø. The trust's two largest hospitals are located in Bodø where there is a somatic and a psychiatric hospital as well as a district psychiatric centre. In addition, the hospitals of Nordlandssykehuset are located in Gravdal, Lofoten and Stokmarknes, Vesterålen. At both these locations there are also community mental health centre. There are psychiatric polyclinics and treatment centres in Gravdal, Svolvaer, Andenes, Straume, Fauske, Ørnes and Saltdal. In Lødingen there is a rehabilitation unit, mainly for stroke patients. In total Nordlandssykehuset covers a geographic area with approximately 131,000 residents. The hospital covers most of its residents needs for specialists’ services. Nordland Hospital Trust is also a major educational and research institution.