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SumTotal Talent Expansion

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The SumTotal Talent solution is the most complete solution available, a fact verified by many leading industry analysts. The Talent applications are modular and can be deployed as stand-alone solutions and are fully integrated, both technically and functionally. With cross-functional learning and performance, performance improvement can be addressed real-time in employee learning plans without needing to navigate across separate systems or modules. SumTotal Talent not only increases visibility into your people and what they can do, but also helps them do it better.

Going beyond traditional talent management systems, our solution is part of our Talent Expansion Applications,and can be integrated with our Work and Learn solutions to deliver one complete view of your workforce and provide cross-functional value. Employee skill and performance information can be used for scheduling and planning. SumTotal helps organisations significantly improve the effectiveness of their people, not just automate their talent management processes.

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> 05/09/2013 - Organizations Using Advanced Workforce Analytics Report Outperforming Their Competitors, According to a Study from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services

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