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The new online innovation as the key to success

There are each day more companies that understand that the sale strategy has to do with the ecommerce version. Everyone that wants to start in the market and launch a brand will need to do it through an online shop if they want to play the same game as the rest of their competitors.


Although not so far from now many of them were not convinced about digitalization, finally they have understood that from last years, the one that has no presence in the net, looses sales. Moreover, part of those sales had to do a lot with a good management of the CRM. Being capable of managing contacts and making their follow up internally from any of the corporate departments make the customer final experience something different and improves the perception of them and the potential customers.


The social media use inside the communication strategies is basic for the new brands and want to communicate correctly with the type of profiles that have presence in them in an active way. We just have to see the way trademarks are looking for their customers through the different campaigns where they can filter even the habits and age.


Being part of this type of platforms, where public can contact and interact in a direct, effective way and even being the speaker, makes necessary to bet for a real effective management of the contacts and clicks provided and the way you can take them to an attractive landing page. But brands should not just wait for customers to arrive but also use the social media to analyze the profile information and the habits of the followers and include those preferences to the CRM in order to use them as part of the information needed by the commercial or marketing department.


Innovation when presenting a product is basic if you want to highlight in the same sales segment. It is, for example, the case of Cufflinks, which launched an online eyeglass fitting that has been a revolution for this ecommerce section as it convinces the customer to purchase their product as they can see the final effect on their own face just by uploading one of their photographs to the platform.


Once you plan the communication strategies, as we have also seen during our experience in Iberian Press, it is necessary to think in digital. You cannot base everything in the way communication and marketing worked years ago. From the very first moment, the press releases still work if you have a quality site behind where the interested potential customer arrives to find much more info regarding the products you are promoting.


Here we do have also to talk about the need to create contacts of those people who arrived in a voluntary way to your url. Without being insistent as to frighten those interested profiles, there are many ways to make them subscribe to a distribution list or even make them define the offered products that generate their real interest in.



Thanks to the many different and innovative tools included in the last versions of the modern CRM any company will be able to find the opportunity to monetize the contact as you will be able to achieve the sale and not only that but also the loyalty and an ulterior post sale service to make them have the most incredible experience with the brand, something that goes much more further than just the first momentary furore of the purchase.


Wanted or not, nowadays the customers search all they want online. It is a trend and the new customer habit.


Just take a look, for example, to the leisure plans. Today you will find that the most tickets are not sold in the ticket office but in the online sale. You will see each day less queues in a theatre as you will find the same tickets online. On the other hand, thanks to the CRM we can see how user mails are a treasure when sending the information of these types of spectacles as you can send daily offers with all type of info. Not just for the nearest places but also to the surrounding cities. We are not talking about “at home plans”.


If brands are able to plan an effective management of their data base and also a continue communication with the stakeholders they will have an easy path to the success and even to continue their expansion to the international markets. We can talk, in these terms, about the Baltic Real-State called Capital that has just opened an office in the Spanish Valencia. They want to translate the way of management that worked in cities like Vilnius, Riga or London, where they also have offices, to the eastern Spanish coast. And how do they work? Exactly, managing their own contacts.


It is a must to bet for innovation, to offer something different. The online and offline market has the same. And it is the time to make an inflection point, something that will arrive, probably, online and that will take into account the app development to make customers even more convinced about their purchases. Although it could sound as an utopia, trends will try to convince in a direct, personalized and unique way in the comfort of their homes.


This way we can have success among the constant noise that customers hear in terms of publicity each time they see their smart devises. Meanwhile, one of the main innovation has to do with the campaign segmentation to avoid those users that are not interested in the impacts as this fact could mean the opposite for the brands, a negative feedback in a future.


Feedback is needed for companies but we do not need to keep just there. It is necessary to hear our workers and that is the Becatester proposal, an innovative web that will be fed by the reviews of the interns that will valuate their experience in the corporate department, generating an interesting informative flux from the inside of the business sector that will attract applicants if the corporation sum to their professional profiles.


We are now living constantly changes in terms of informative exchange. If you are able to manage it, you will differentiate us from the rest. Moreover if you need to plan strategies a la carte for your next step.


Germán Piñeiro

Marketing Consultant and CEO of Virtual Initiatives Group. In the past he has been director of marketing for major real estate companies (investments, food, advertising sector). Finally he decided to found his own company in 2005 ( and to independently provide Marketing and Consultant services to other companies. He is an author of blog :

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