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Top 5 Themes in 2016: A trend forecast

After last year’s review in our previous article, we want to look into the future and explain what will affect the e-learning sector in 2016.


Have you not read about that topic in the last article? Yes, you have! In 2016, topics that have already been in the focus in 2015 will be the subject of deeper investigation and further development and will gain greater momentum in 2016. In future, gamification of the entire learning environment will increasingly become the norm. As well as including fun elements in learning content, the integration of gaming components, such as leader boards, badges and points systems, will become more and more important in learning management systems (LMS).

Content meets Context

The focus will be on the learner. He will be offered content to suit its personal habits and preferences in his individual learning environment. However, this type of learning programme, tailored to individual preferences, not only requires extensive analysis of user data, it also requires a LMS that can provide a flexible response to results.

Predictive Analytics

In 2016, the analysis of user data will not only feature specifically at the level of the individual, it will be extremely important for the overall training and development strategy. An LMS should be capable of proactively providing companies with recommendations for useful training measures based on employees' learning results and preferences and thus identifying and resolving weaknesses in the learning concept. This could mean, for example, that employees have successfully completed the mandatory compliance course on the subject of money laundering. However, there are clearly knowledge gaps in the area of cross-border banking. Whilst this would not need to result in any measure by a local bank, a globally active financial institution would, in this case, certainly need to take corrective action.

User Generated Content

This trend follows the focus in 2015 on company's creating their own individual learning content. As previously explained, there is an increasing desire for greater individualisation of training programs. However, a company seeking to produce all its own content would undoubtedly stretch its training department's budget and time to breaking point. Therefore, in future, companies will rely even more on user generated content. This means that their own employees should increasingly take on the role of an author. However, they can also turn more frequently to learning content freely available on the market. Close synchronisation of different systems will therefore become increasingly important in the future, so that content from different sources can be transferred into the company's own LMS with just a few clicks.

On-the-Job Training

Our outlook of 2016 closes where our review of 2015 began. The subject of on-the-job training will continue to play an important role in 2016. Wherever it is possible and sensible, training should take place directly on the product the training content refers to. Not only does this result in better assimilation of learning content, it also ensures people get to grips with compliance requirements. Which means that the necessary certification for a diagnostic device can be completed on the device itself. In this type of learning scenario, employees can only obtain full usage rights if training has been successfully completed. They are also automatically referred to pending re-certifications.

We hope you enjoy dipping into all the exciting and informative blog articles, whitepapers, videos and webinars on the topics for 2016! We would also be happy to talk to you about your learning topics. We look forward to hearing our readers' ideas.

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Bianca Häußler, GfK SE

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