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Welcome Real-time expands into cloud-based offering

Welcome Real-time, the global leader in innovative loyalty solutions, announced today a strategic move into cloud-based offering.

Welcome Real-time now provide to the market In WalletCloud for Card Issuers and At StoreCloud for Merchant Acquirers and Processors.

By expanding their loyalty solutions and services with a cloud strategy, Welcome Real-time demonstrates their understanding of the needs from retail banks (payment card issuers, merchant acquirers) to quickly answer to the dynamic changes in requirements from both consumers and retailers and to find quick return on investments while benefiting from best practices when embarking in loyalty programmes.

In WalletCloud helps card issuers acquire new clients, retain and grow their best customers. It offers best-in-class earn-and-burn capability leveraging on transactional and behavioral data. It supports traditional Points-based and Cash-back programs, as well as Merchant-funded rewards, through batch files or online processing. All cards and payment means are supported (credit, debit, prepaid, co-branded, private label, online & mobile payment). The marketing team have complete autonomy on key features such as campaign management and real-time activity dashboards.

At StoreCloud provides a white label solution operated by merchant acquirers which help merchants drive sales, acquire new clients, retain and grow their best customers. It offers innovative and powerful marketing capabilities to merchants with their point-of-sale payment system (standalone terminals, mPOS). The solution triggers targeted offers to shoppers from transactional and behavioral data analysis performed at the moment of payment, providing to small and medium merchants marketing and loyalty tools that are traditionally used by large retailers.

Both cloud-based solutions In WalletCloud and At StoreCloud are hosted and operated by Welcome within a dedicated and secure cloud-based infrastructure.

By expanding their business solutions into a cloud-based offering, the strategy of Welcome Real-time is to offer to retail banks payment-based loyalty solutions for a lower total cost of ownership, a faster time-to-market and seamless integration. Welcome cloud-based solutions leverage on proven and scalable technologies already adopted by large payment acquirers and financial institutions worldwide.

Philippe David, CEO Welcome Real-time, said: “Efficiency, time-to-market and cost savings are a key focus in today’s competitive banking and payment environments. Banks are determined to bring value to both cardholders and merchants. With this new cost effective cloud offering, Welcome brings a relevant and powerful marketing & loyalty solution to issuers and acquirers, with a significant total cost of ownership improvement, and a quick implementation. The Cloud offer is a natural evolution of our offering, as we adapt to the changes of our markets”.

About Welcome Real-time

Welcome Real-time (Welcome) is the global leader in innovative loyalty solutions to Fortune 500 banks, retailers and other organisations worldwide. Through its proven solutions, Welcome helps organisations (banks, merchants) run real-time loyalty and marketing programmes that drive a change in the behaviour of their customers, ultimately driving long-term growth and profitability. Established in 1996, Welcome is implemented across 5 continents and in over 20 countries worldwide, proving its ability to meet any business need.

Further information about Welcome Real-time can be found at