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ACTEGA Terra Qualifies Employees With Product Training In Coursepath

ACTEGA Terra, Europe’s market leader for overprint varnishes, introduces e-learning to qualify their sales force. Read about the requirements and how the company benefits from efficient online training. A case study.

With 160 employees on site in Lehrte, Germany, ACTEGA Terra develops, produces and sells coatings and overprint varnishes. Ensuring quality and first-class service, ACTEGA Terra, member of the ALTANA group, is a valued partner of the printing and packaging industry.

Product training in Europe and Asia

For the first time in the company’s history, ACTEGA Terra has started to make use of e-learning for the effective development of skills levels. Starting with the sales team, operating in both Europe and Asia, knowledge and skills are boosted through product courses on the online training platform Coursepath. With about 20 participants per course, product news and additional information is shared and tested. Coursepath is a multi-lingual e-learning platform, providing cloud-based infrastructure that is ready to use. Trainings can be accessed anywhere, at any time via the browser, providing participants the choice of when to learn.

Benefits of e-learning

Flexibility with regards to time and location helps ACTEGA Terra to qualify sales teams distributed across Europe and Asia. In addition to knowledge being efficiently transferred, the learning progress can also be tracked and reported easily. Thomas Koop is Product Manager UV varnishes and responsible for creating the courses. He finds online training to be much more flexible and cost-efficient than face-to-face workshops. Offline material such as a PowerPoint presentation is easily converted into an online course. Managing and updating courses is also easy, as everyone automatically works in the newest version of a course. Finally, it is important to determine whether learning content was comprehensible and participants achieved the desired results. Social functions help in reaching this goal: trainers and participants ask questions, have discussions and give feedback, taking care of learning progress in collaboration.

Evaluation criteria for a Learning Management System (LMS)

To start training quickly and effortlessly, Thomas Koop was looking for a system with an intuitive interface. Furthermore, courses had to be easily created and administered. All functions in the learning platform were tested in a free trial phase and further discussed in a webinar. An excellent customer service, which is understanding and quick to respond, and a good price-performance ratio were the deciding factors. Coursepath met all requirements, which is why ACTEGA Terra has already started checking for further options to train staff internally. Security training, opinion polls and onboarding for new colleagues are some of the considered options. 10 courses should be running with a high participant rate until end of 2016. For this reason, Thomas Koop and his colleagues find it very useful to have a scalable platform solution without a user limit.

Coursepath is a European online training platform that is well suited for Microlearning— flexible learning in digestible, bite-sized units. Companies create their own professional courses for employees, partners and customers. The modern and clearly structured platform enables social collaboration and makes learning progress measurable. No need for software installation or external services – with our easy-to-use Software-as-a-Service platform you access every training in your web browser.

Create courses in a breeze, monitor progress and experience a rewarding learning journey together. Your securely hosted training platform has it all. With nine languages Coursepath is extremely adjustable to company’s and learners’ needs. Try Coursepath in a free 30-day trial.

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